Super for iOS and Android feels like the offspring of Twitter and Whisper.

User’s text updates are paired with images within the app or pictures taken by phone. The text is limited, forcing users to use a greater economy of words. The similarities don’t end there. Like Whisper, Super separates updates by everyone or those nearby.

Super, which is short for superlative, starts each post with a list of preselected phrases. “Dude,” “I’m Thinking,” and “The Best” are a few of the ones to choose from. At first, this seemed limiting, and it is, but is easily overcome.

But Super isn’t competing with Whisper. Whisper is for secrets and anonymity. Super isn’t. There’s an anonymous like feature, but other users can figure out who sent it by going to your profile. So think twice before posting something embarrassing. Or not. Do whatever. It’s your digital footprint.

Anyone can follow anyone. Those you follow are put into the “friends” section, which is the default view when starting up the app. Users can like and share any update to other social profiles like Facebook and Twitter.

The app could be a solid social network down the line, but until then there are some things I think should change in future updates. Even though it’s a new app, there are already updates requesting more fonts and background images.

The only thing I’d like them to address, if nothing else, is the capital lettering. Every word typed is a capital letter. I’m not saying import the red and green squiggly lines from Word, but just a capital letter here and there would be nice.

Super is a colorful, quirky app. Even though the user base is small, there’s been enough interaction to keep using this app for a bit longer. And, unlike my adventure in Whisper, I wasn’t swamped with neckbeards trying to share their dick pictures. That’s a plus.

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