Path Talk

screen grab of path talk

Path Talk. The perfect way to keep up with people without actually talking to them.

Today I continue on a journey that I began several years ago. A way to be a hermit while still be connected to the outside world. A way in which I can communicate with people while still not having to communicate with people.

Technology has aided me in my journey. First, the phone allowed me to be nowhere near the people I wished to communicate with. It was stupendous the first time I picked it up and realized I no longer had to go speak to this person in person any longer. Then came the internet. I was able to speak to people without even having to hear their voice. I just look at a bunch of Roman characters on a screen and communication had occurred. There was both mass communication (websites) and person to person communication (email). It was glorious. Then came text messaging where I could use my personal internet device (cell phone) to communicate with friends via text messaging and social media. But there was always that one thing that I could not get around. Calling the brick and mortar places.

While you can do most everything on the internet, there are still those inevitable times you must actually pick up the phone and communicate with someone directly. Hideous, I know, but still the only option. However, Path Talk has ridded me of this unusual albatross that burdens us. Path Talk gives you the option to contact stores using your personal internet device.

After a short series of questions to setup an account, I can ask the world a question. I simply find the location of the store or service that I wish to contact. From then I can ask them a question. Within 5-10 minutes, a Path Talk representative will attempt to contact said place and then get you an answer. They will even let you know if the place is not answering or closed at the moment.

Path Talk is the short answer to how to be completely alone while not having to be completely out of the loop. It is the answer to never having to hit that silly green button on your personal internet device. It is perhaps the single greatest achievement for the virtual hermit since text messaging.


Andy G for short, is a digital media designer for a local college, previously for some radio stations. If you’re wondering what a digital media designer is, he helps make the internet look pretty. When not at work, he is either at the gym or involved in generally nerdy activities.