About A Mind On Fire

A Mind on Fire is the feeling one has when they have the desire to create. While not the same as the need to eat, sleep or fuck, the need to create is definitely within the recesses of the mind and it is a powerful motivator.

A mind on fire is the feeling one has when obsessed with an idea. The obsession toils round and round in the brain until further thought is superfluous and the idea must be put to rest. The only way to sate said obsession is to purge it from the mind. Good or bad, ugly or beautiful, rest doesn’t come until the idea has been realized, crafted and shared. That is a mind on fire.

The name came about during a two-day text-a-thon between Mike Hart and Jon Romeo. The texts were centered around renaming their old entertainment blog from “Hard On Reviews” and finding a URL that wasn’t a free subdomain from Blogger, Tumblr or WordPress.

Basically, Hart and Romeo decided to put their big-boy breeches on and try to run a website. Whether this iteration will be successful or not remains to be seen. Also, the name had to be changed as neither Hart nor Romeo wanted their names to be associated with a site that sounded like it rated men’s erections.