Movies That Shouldn’t Be Remade

The Godfather – You hope a remake will improve on the original or offer up new insights. However, The Godfather is the greatest American film ever made. It does everything a movie should do. No director could hope to improve on Coppola’s masterpiece.

the godfather

Remake this one and you’ll be sleeping with the fish.

Citizen Kane – Welles was breaking film-making rules before there were any rules to break. If the movie was remade what would replace Rosebud, an iPod?

citizen kane

Would a Rosebud by any other name…?

The Breakfast Club – It doesn’t matter if you were born in 1984 or 2014 there will always be a brain, an athlete, a criminal, and a princess in every class. John Hughes captures the relationship between these archetypes at a time in everyone’s life when we are all trying to figure things out.

breakfast club

You’d have to be a real neo maxi zoom dweebie to remake the Breakfast Club.

Star Wars – Not that Disney would ever let Star Wars get close to going into the public domain (They got copyright and trade mark laws changed to protect Mickey Mouse.),but it would take someone with brass cajones to remake Star Wars and think they can do it better.

star wars

There’s nothing like the trusty original at your side.

Blade Runner– Often imitated, but never duplicated (replicated?). Blade Runner is a classic that should never be touched (except by Ridley Scott who has added, altered, and released Blade Runner more times than Lucas has messed with Star Wars.)

blade runner movieposter

Blade Runner has a life span much longer than 4 years.


The Matrix – There are so many themes going on in The Matrix a cottage industry of books dedicated to the true meaning behind the movie was spawned after its initial release. Truth, the nature of free will in society, Communism, and Neo as a Christ figure are only some of the many themes and philosophies writers ping on when dissecting the movie. Could a remake even come close to capturing the feel of the original? I don’t think so.   

the matrix poster falling coding

You won’t even have to dodge bad remakes.

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