It’s USA Vs Japan In a Giant Robot Duel!

Update 9-11-15: Only six days left on this Kickstarter project. They’re so close to reaching their goal for the needed upgrades. Go support them.


Think of all the games, books and movies that revolved around mechwarriors. Giant robots, armed to the teeth and piloted by some lucky bastard, in a fight to the finish.

Remember thinking how cool it would be to see that in real life?

Friends, those battles are soon on their way.

MegaBots, Inc challenged Japan (of course) to a giant robot duel. They gladly accepted the challenge. But the robot MegaBots, INC has, the Mark II (Mk. II) needs upgrades.

That’s where we come in. MegaBots, INC is asking for our help (money).  The upgrade package, priced at $500k, includes changes to the bot’s armor, weapons systems and increased mobility.

Of course, the more money they get through their Kickstarter campaign, the fancier the Mk. II gets.

At the time of this post, the project was 67% funded with 24 days left to go.

If there’s one patriotic bone in your body, you’ll head over to their Kickstarter campaign and throw $10 down for ‘Merica.



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