Marvel Collector Corps Wades Into the Deep End of the Deadpool

After years of Marvel failing to make a movie, months of Ryan Reynolds pushing for a movie, and producers clamoring for a R rating, Deadpool hit theaters this month  breaking box office records. And Funko Pop and Marvel Collector Corps stepped up to the plate to produce a box worthy of such efforts.


That’s a lot of Deadpool

Comics still aren’t my thing. They haven’t been for years. In my opinion, comic books are for kids, but in a box with toys a comic book is a perfect fit. I’m sure the Marvel and Deadpool fans will love whatever is going on in the included issue. The rest of us, I guess, need to go out and buy all the multiple crossover issues and mini-series to catch up on what’s going on with Deadpool. All of that aside, typical comic book art inside. The cover sports another piece of Funko Pop inspired art. 

Deadpool plush toy

Mopeez- AKA cat toy

I had never heard of Mopeez before opening the Deadpool box. I guess I don’t have my thumb on the pulse of the toy community. In my defense, I’m not a collector of plush, stuffed dolls. The alien in last month’s Loot Crate box didn’t do anything for me either. It’s cute and resembles a plush version of the Dorbz line. It’s a doll, there isn’t too much there to excite me into collecting any more.  The Deadpool Mopeez is a good introduction to the Funko line for those who are into plush, stuffed toys.


Ride ’em, cowboy!

I haven’t liked the Dorbz in the past boxes because…well…they were too adorable. Loki is mean. Ultron is evil. They aren’t suppose to be cute and adorable. The Deadpool Dorbz, on the other hand, works for me as a Dorbz. Maybe because Deadpool is a wise cracker. Maybe because he’s got a cowboy hat on and he’s holding a wooden pony. It’s perfect for the Deadpool character. Don’t take him seriously and he’ll poke you to death with his pony.

The only complaint I have about this particular Dorbz is the damage to the front of the cowboy hat. It looks like it was damaged somewhere after it was produced, but before packaging, and was fixed with some touch up paint. I rarely complain (Okay, sometimes I do), but how did this slip though? I could understand the damage if each Dorbz was individually hand painted. They’re not though. Think of the cost to produce each Dorbz if they were hand painted.

Deadpool tshirt art

Finally, a real tshirt design.

I like the fact the Marvel Collector Corps included a tshirt in all of the boxes. Other toy box subscription services have followed suit. I haven’t always liked the shirts included in the boxes. Most have seemed slapped together. By now, you know I like tshirts with some thought and design. Think of a tshirt you may see at at or

This month the Marvel Collector Corps stepped up its tshirt game. The yellow Deadpool on the blackshirt pops out. However, it’s the grey background design that brings the whole design together.

Leaping Deadpool Funko Pop

Deadpool takes flight.

I always save the Funko Pop for last. Let’s be honest. The Funko Pop is what brought us here in the first place. The Deadpool Pop is pretty unique in the Pop line. Sure, some Pops are holding weapons, some are holding tools, and some are even holding caramel apples. The Deadpool Pop itself is not that unique. But its been posed mid-leap with swords ready for battle.  I’m not aware of any Pops posed in a leaping position. This fact alone makes it a great Pop for a collection whether you collect Marvel characters or not.

I have complained (See, I do complain) in the past about the lack of items in the Marvel Collector Corps box and the variety of characters in the box. However, the Deadpool box is an exception. Each Deadpool item outshines anything else we’ve seen this past year. I won’t have a problem with future boxes based on one character if they deliver Deadpool level quality.

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