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In the annals of entertainment, there have been some epic matches between heroes and villains. Who could forget Dracula versus Van Helsing? Sherlock versus Moriarty? The Hobbit gang versus Sauron? Batman versus Joker? The T-800 versus the T-1000? Harry Potter versus Voldemort? However, none of these matches, or any others you can think of, are represented in the Loot Crate Versus box.

Instead, Loot Crate went a different route with their Verus box. Its main piece is either an Alien or a Predator Titan vinyl figure. Yes, Loot Crate went with Aliens Vs. Predator. For years, fans had been asking for, screaming even, for an Aliens Predator movie. In 2004, fans got their wish. Remember the saying, “Be careful what you wish for. You may just get it?” Yeah, fans got it alright. To add insult to injury, 20th Century Fox later released Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem. Neither movie is what a true rivalry/grudge match is based on. Maybe if the movies were better, but they’re pretty bad movies.


All it needs is slime dripping from its mouth.

I got the Alien in my box.  Normally, I don’t like Titan figures. The faces are accurate and some of the bodies have great detail work. However, it’s the hands that I can’t stand. The hands look like the hands on all the Lego figures. For me, it’ enough to detract from the overall figure.

However, it works with Alien figure. You spend so much time looking at the details in the head and body that the hands don’t even matter. Bad movies, but a great little vinyl figure.


I don’t think Bruce Wayne uses this to carry his millions around in.

Before the movie hype, Batman and Superman wouldn’t have come to many folks minds if you asked them about pop-culture grudge matches. Frank Miller, writer of The Dark Knight Returns, was probably the first to write Batman and Superman as two sides of the same justice coin. In The Dark Knight Returns, the two sides come face-to-face in a fight that blots out the sun. Many writers since have tried to make Superman and Batman uncomfortable allies, but they always seem to end up on the same side.

Don’t feel bad if you haven’t seen Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. You and the two other people who haven’t seen it can enjoy this tough little wallet instead. The design on the wallet stands out. It’s almost as if Banksy took the elements of the movie and sprayed painted them on the wallet. As cool as the design is it’s the material that makes this wallet a little gem.


I dared to tear…and failed. The tragedy.

I don’t know how Mighty Wallet manufactured the wallet, but they’ve made one tough wallet. I tried to rip and tear the material every way I knew how. Nothing. I got nothing. I didn’t try scissors or knives on the wallet. I don’t know if it would stand up to cutting instruments, but when and why would your wallet be attacked by these instruments? The wallet, it seems, could stand up to water and mild elements. So, maybe on your next hike replace your wallet with this little gem.

If it weren’t for the excellent Netflix series, Daredevil and Punisher wouldn’t be a versus match that would come to many folk’s minds. Yes, back in the day they had some confrontations. Frank Miller wrote some incredible stuff in the pages of Daredevil featuring the Punisher (Sense a pattern here?). But like most Marvel comics the two always ended up on the same side to fight the bad guys. I can see the first or second time two spandex wearing vigilantes meet they want to kick the crap out of each other. But the third time? Fourth? Wouldn’t by the sixth time they met they would know they were both going after the same bad guy?


I don’t know a winter hat was included in a box that shipped in Spring, but I’m glad they did.

I’m not complaining too much because the result is the really thick, really warm toboggan hat in the box. It’s thick because it’s reversible. Feel like a bad ass? Wear the Punisher side. Feel like defending the underprivileged and saving Hell’s Kitchen? Wear the Daredevil side. The logos of each character are small and centered on front of the toboggan. Personally, I like this choice better than if they went with designs all over the hat. The drawback is that most of us are going to have to wait until winter to wear it. It’s 74 degrees where I live. I didn’t have it on for a minute before I started sweating.


Mirror mirror on the wall…hey, is that Spock with a goatee?

I’ll give props to Loot Crate for thinking outside the box when they decided to include the t-shirt. Not many people would have gone with the “Mirror World” episode from Star Trek to mine for versus material. The t-shirt features Spock facing off against Evil(?) Spock. To be honest, it’s been so long since I’ve seen the episode I can’t remember why or what happens. What I do know is the design is awesome. Thankfully, it’s not another black t-shirt. The colors, including the color of the t-shirt, pop. It’s one of the best t-shirts to be included in the Loot Crate boxes.

There are a few more items in the Loot Crate box. However, I didn’t think they fit the whole Versus theme. There’s the pin, a download code to some game or something, and a Harley Quinn comic.


Overall, the Loot Crate Versus box packs a nice little punch. There isn’t an item in the box I wouldn’t use somehow or display on a shelf.



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