Loot Crate Dead Box

loot crate dead box

Don’t open. Dead inside.

The toy/geek themed subscription boxes companies must have been in heaven when they learned the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead and Deadpool would be released in the same month. That’s okay, because we all reap the rewards of the aligning entertainment planets. Loot Crate starts off the month with a “dead” inspired box.

loot crate pin
When there’s no more room in the toy store the boxes will roam the earth.

FIrst out of the box, the Loot Crate pin. In the past, Loot Crate has included buttons.This one is metal and is more of pin so it will hold up better than previous buttons. Personally, I appreciate the fact that there is no Loot Crate logo on the pin. It doesn’t have to because the pin is a Loot Crate box zombie. I appreciate the lack of logo, because I can put it on the lapel of my suit (You know, for those high powered A Mind on Fire board meetings) and no one will know it came from a toy box subscription.

deadpool loot crate
It’s Deadpool hanging upside down on tshirt. Now that’s just crazy.

I’m usually not a fan of the t-shirts in the subscription box services. They’re typical with little design elements. The last two Loot Crate t-shirts were an exception. However, this month’s t-shirt goes back to the typical. It’s just Deadpool hanging upside down yelling “Tacos.” Die-hard Deadpool fans will like it because it’s Deadpool. I think something more could have been done, but no one asked me. Maybe next time they will. At least the shirt is cut to the size on the label.

daryl dixon loot crate dead box
I’d rather have two left arms than two left feet.

Keeping with the dead theme, Loot Crate included one of McFarlane Toys build a characters from its construction line of Walking Dead figures. Putting together a McFarlane build a set is an exercise in control- you have to control yourself not to throw the pieces against a wall and smashing everything to bits. The sets are cut so poorly most of the time nothing stays connected.

Every build a set comes with small Walking Dead characters. The characters come in pieces and, if you get one with large enough holes, you connect the characters to add to the set. Unfortunately for me, the Daryl Dixon and zombies in my set never stayed together and it wouldn’t stand up on their own (Super glue came in very handy).

The build a character included in the box is a bigger version of the ones found in the sets. The figure, I’m happy to report, connects very easily. Unlike its smaller counterpart, this piece stays together. Even better, it stands on its own! No glue needed. The details on the small figure, from the wings on Daryl’s jacket to the cuts in his arm, are very impressive. One small flaw- this Daryl came with two left arms. It’s not Loot Crate’s fault, it’s not McFarlane Toys’ fault either. These things happen.

loot crate zombie ears soap on a rope
Ears, gentlemen. Zombie ears.

The second Walking Dead item is perhaps one of the coolest Walking Dead items I’ve seen in quite some time. Remember when Daryl kind of went of the reservation and started wearing ears? Well, now you can wear ears too. Okay, these aren’t real ears. The ears aren’t even plastic or vinyl. No, these ears are made of soap. It’s soap on a rope.

deadpool loot crate having a blast
He’s having a blast.

The final item is a Deadpool figure by QMx. QMX (Quantum Mechanix Inc.) produces everything from t-shirts to movie replicas, but its the Q-Pops I like the best. Q-Pops are stylized versions of comic book, television, and movie characters. The Deadpool Q-Pop has some weight to it and it stands on a nice base. There shouldn’t be an issue of this little guy falling over. Some of the Q-Pops have an anime feel to them. This could turn off some collectors, but the size and detail should be more than enough reason for folks to start snatching these things up.

Every month I think Loot Crate can’t top the month before. I’ll say it again though, this is probably the best Loot Crate box in long time and probably the best dead themed box that will come out this month.