Loot Crate Gets Invaded with Sci-Fi Themed Box

The past couple of television seasons have been good for science fiction fans. Limitless,Minority Report, Colony, Humans, The Expanse, Dark Matter, 12 Monkeys, and The X-Files, to name a few, have been big hits with fans if not with the critics. More sci-fi series, like Westworld andHunters, are coming out in 2016. If history holds, don’t expect your favorite sci-fi series (think Firefly canceled before the first season finished) to return. Let’s not dwell on that and dwell on the sci-fi themed Loot Crate box.

I’ve been quite impressed with what Loot Crate packs into their boxes every month. The sci-fi Invasion themed box, with two oddities, is another hit.

Space Invader Alien
This guy was an extra in Pixels.

First out of the box, the alien that helped start the video game craze back in the day. The alien invader is a 3-D version of the alien invaders that would attack your small space spaceship. The invaders come in three different colors. This little guy would make a nice addition to the knick-knacks on any bookshelf.

Facehugger Alien
Cute right up to the point it jumps on your face.

Have you seen Alien? Remember when the facehugger secured itself to Kane’s gobber? The thing was nasty, slimy, and just plain evil looking. Well, this little guy is nothing like its movie counterpart. It’s a cute, plush, facehugger. It’s even smiling a big, happy smile. But  when I stop to think about it maybe that smile means “I’m about to jump on your face.”. Personally, I wouldn’t add it to my collection, but I have a 5-year old niece who would love it.

Multi Pass in Packagine
Buy the pass, take the ride.

Any science fiction fan knows if  you want to catch a flight to the outer realms you’ll need a pass. Fortunately, Loot Crate has you covered. The Fifth Element multi-pass is pretty cool in the packaging. The design replicates what a multi pass may look like in reality. It’s another story out of the packaging. Inside the packaging, the pass looks pretty flimsy, but the  construction is actually pretty strong for a plastic id holder.

Multipass from the Fifth Element
Why would you design it so the card can slide out?

You can take Leeloo’s multi-pass out and slide your pass in its place. An id card won’t stay in the slot by itself. Luckily, a plastic sleeve is included in the package to make your cards thicker. Unfortunately, the sleeve will only fit in the slot with the sleeve opening facing outwards. I haven’t put it to the test, and it does seem like your id card would stay in place, but why take the chance that your driver’s license falls out? By itself, the pass is a really cool item. I may hang it from my car’s  rear view mirror.

X Files Flashlight
A flashlight? Sure, why not?

Perhaps the oddest item in this box, or any other box, is the X-Files LED flashlight. Why a flashlight? To shine a light on a truth hidden in the shadows? Really, I don’t have a clue. But who couldn’t use a flashlight? I’m assuming it will be bright enough to see in the dark because it’s an LED. Loot Crate was kind enough to include AAA batteries in the box.

Classic Sci Fi Prints
Suitable for framing.

By far, the coolest items in the box are the mini-prints of War of the Worlds and The Day the Earth Stood Still. The prints aren’t reproductions of  the movie posters, but artists reinterpretation of the movie posters. The prints are on solid cardstock. Find nice frames and you’ll have some artwork to hang on your walls.

X Files T-Shirt
The truth is no longer out there. It’s on this cool tshirt.

Last, but definitely not least, is the X-Files t-shirt. Although the title is not on the t-shirt, most fans will recognize the X-Files as soon as they see it. Everyone else will see a nice, graphic t-shirt. Overall, the art does a good job of capturing what the X-Files was about during its initial run.

Yellow Rubberband
Maybe you’re suppose to flick the alien invaders. No one likes being flicked by a rubber band.

The absolute weirdest item in the box- a rubber band. Yes, a rubber band. It doesn’t go to anything in the box. It doesn’t attach to anything in the box or the box itself. It’s just a rubber band.

Overall, it’s a fun box with some interesting items.