Geek Fuel Heats Up Your May

The calendar may say the official day of summer isn’t until June 20th, but Geek Fuel is a little ahead of the calendar with an awesome little box sure to heat up your May (Did I extend the metaphors a little too much?).

Deadpool unopened package
Deadpool lives on in Geek Fuel.

Everyone seems to like Deadpool and every subscription box has something Deadpool in it. My mom got her monthly knitting box and it had a Deadpool pattern inside. Crazy, right? If you’re like me, and you probably aren’t, you just saw Deadpool. By “just saw” I mean the other night (May 17,2016). I appreciated how Deadpool poked fun at other comic book movies. I liked how, at times, it didn’t take itself seriously until it did try to take itself seriously. The typical Ryan Reynolds sarcasm got old after awhile, but that’s what you get with any Ryan Reynolds movie. If you think about it, Reynolds has been playing Deadpool since Van Wilder.

Geek Fuel likes Deadpool. A lot. This month GF included two Deadpool exclusives. The first one is a plastic computer monitor topper. The figure replicates Deadpool sitting on the highway overpass doodling while waiting for Ajax. It has some nice detail for a tiny figure. What would have really set this tiny Deadpool apart from other toppers is if there was a drawing on the piece of paper he’s holding. I’m also wondering who actually gets these monitor toppers.

Deadpool posing with paper
Cat paw used for scale purposes only.

I work on  a laptop, a tablet (1st generation iPad because these things are EXPENSIVE), and my smart phone. Outside of work I don’t know anyone who works on an old school desktop. Old school desktop? Yes, I said desktops are old school and declining sales in the PC market seem to agree with me. So, why make screen toppers? Heck if I know.

The second Deadpool themed item is DP’s sketch. It’s the one he did while sitting on the overpass. The paper stock is acid free and sturdy. It’s suitable for framing. Better yet, hang it on your refrigerator and tell people your kid did it at school.  

Deadpool movie sketch.
So classy it should be in MOMA.

Of course there’s always a cross promotion item in subscription boxes. Some subscription boxes are nothing but cross promotions (…*cough*…Marvel Collector Corps…*cough*…). Geek Fuel’s cross-promotion items come from the recently released Uncharted 4.

Sir Francis Drake was a big deal back in the day, the 16th century day. He circumnavigated the globe, defeated the Spanish Armada, and, according to the story in Uncharted, was buried with a ring that leads to a treasure. Drake was also a privateer commissioned by Queen Elizabeth I to harass and loot Spanish ships. Maybe he buried some treasure somewhere.  I haven’t played an Uncharted game since the original, but from what I remember there was some treasure hunting involved in Nathan Drake’s adventures.

Uncharted ring box
You don’t need a map to find this treasure.

The ring comes in a miniature treasure chest. The box details are nice. A map of some sort decorates the top. The box itself is made of basic wood glued together, but it has been constructed to look like a chest out of a pirate movie. The lid has been secured to the base with hinges and screws. The more modern hinges distract  from the overall aesthetic of the box. If you keep it facing forward or with the lid open that shouldn’t be a problem. Speaking of open…

The ring in the box also has an old world look. It’ suppose to be a silver, but that would have driven the price of the box juuust a little bit (implied sarcasm there, folks). It feels like a solid ring. The latin engraving (“Out of small things comes greatness”) gives the ring an authentic appearance. I wouldn’t wear the ring even it fit any of my fingers. Odds are your finger will turn green. You’ll look like you’ve been picking your nose all day. No one needs a green finger.

Uncharted ring
One ring to rule them all…or turn your finger green.

When other toy/pop culture subscription box service advertise “kitchenware” it usually means you either can’t use the item or wouldn’t want to use it. The Geek Fuel glass is neither. It’s a drinking glass with the Geek Fuel logo. It can’t be any simpler than that, friends. Poor a cold beverage and enjoy.

Geek Fuel drinking glass
Eat, drink, and be geeky.

The best piece in the box is the t-shirt. Since season one Game of Thrones has been ripe for all sorts of memes, artistic reinterpretations, and t-shirt designs. Fans of the show know Tyrion drinks and know things. Thanks to the May t-shirt we know where he gets his wine (Even though I think he’s more partial to mead or an ale). Unlike some t-shirts the Tyrion t-shirt is cut correctly. I got the XL and it fits like an XL. It’s also not a black t-shirt. It seems like every t-shirt in subscription boxes is black. I get why all the t-shirts have to be black. Designs stand out better on a black background. It could also be that a lot of the t-shirt designs are bad and any other color t-shirt would drown out the design. The purple t-shirt compliments the Game of Throne’s wine theme.

Game of Thrones Tyrion t-shirt
Drink and know things in this awesome t-shirt.

Unlike the other boxes you’ll get this month Geek Fuel’s May box doesn’t have a “theme.” If it does then it’s been totally lost on me. Not having a theme is refreshing though. It takes  the creative shackles off. Geek Fuel can put anything in the box. May’s box proved to a fun little box with more hits than misses.


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