Marvel Collector Corps: Ant-Man

ant man marvel box cover

Ant-Man may be small, but the Ant-Man box is big in awesomeness.

I’m not telepathic. I don’t claim to have psychic powers or a connection to otherworldly beings who whisper in my ear about future events (It would be freaking sweet if I did!). However, I did say at the end of my last Marvel Collector Corp review  there was going to be some Ant-Man swag. This Marvel Collector Corps box is all Ant-Man.

inside antman marvel collector corps box
Classic John Byrne art.

The Box– Again, I like the box. I’m a sucker for packaging and design. The inside and outside are constructed the same as the first box, but with different inside art. Of course, the art is different because this is an Ant-Man box and not an Avengers box. The Ant-Man art in the inside of the box is by fan-favorite John Byrne. When I was a kid collecting comics, I would get any comic with Byrne art inside. It brought back some childhood, geek memories.

ant man shirt
(Actual size)

The T-Shirt– Black is cool. I like a black t-shirt. It’s a simple design using only the Ant-Man logo. What’s even better is the disclaimer under the Ant-Man logo. A very cute touch. Again, I ordered the extra-large t-shirt. Like the Avengers t-shirt, the Ant-Man t-shirt is a little on the small end of an extra-large shirt. However, it seems to fit much better than the last shirt. This means busting my hump at the gym is paying off or Funko/Marvel used a different t-shirt manufacturer.

included Ant Man comic
Stiff art with no real depth or emotion. Typical comic art.

The Comic Book– The comic is another Corp exclusive. I haven’t read a superhero comic in years, so I can’t comment on anything going on inside the covers. However, the art is typical comic art and the story seems to be a typical superhero story. A die-hard fan who knows all the Ant-Man mythos may enjoy it.

ant man and black antman funko pop
Me and my shadow.

The Mystery Minis– I don’t know if every box has the same Mystery Minis. I received two Ant-Man minis. One of the minis is the normal Ant-Man. The other mini was a black Ant-Man. I don’t know if this is a different Ant-Man costume or an “evil” Ant-Man. This is what I know: These things are awesome!

ant man pop and mini antman pop
The smallest Pop ever (It even says so on the box).

The Funko Pop– I’ve got a lot of Pops. Yesterday I would have said my favorite Pop was Ash from The Army of  Darkness. Today, that may not be the case. It’s a two-for-one Pop. The larger Pop is maskless Ant-Man. A lot of collectors go crazy over maskless variants of their favorite Pops. This Pop comes with a mini-mini Ant-Man Pop in a tiny, tiny Ant-Man costume. Even better- It has a bobble head!

I rolled my eyes when Mrs. Postwoman gave me my Marvel Collector Corps Box. I saw Ant-Man on the top of the box and I knew it was another movie promotion. Yes, it makes sense to have the box tie into the movie. However, for reasons I still can not explain, it rubbed the wrong way. Then I opened the box.

I have to admit it, I like this box a lot better than I liked the first box. Sure, the Avengers box had something for everyone inside, but I only liked the Pop. I like almost everything in the Ant-Man box. The minis and the Pop are great additions to any collection. The shirt, although smaller than the extra-large label, is a comfortable fit. I didn’t like the comic book, but I don’t like superhero comics so it wouldn’t be fair to criticize it one way or the other. I didn’t mention anything about the patch and the button, because it’s a patch and a button.

What will be in the August box? There’s no Marvel blockbuster being released in August. The Fantastic Four remake comes out in August, but Marvel Studios doesn’t have the  rights to the movie. Odds are they  won’t do a cross promotion for the movie. Maybe we’ll get a nice cross selection of Marvel characters. Until then I’m going to enjoy my Pops.