Will You Join the Marvel Collector Corps?

marvel collector corps box

There are a lot of mystery boxes out there for every collector. There’s Loot Crate and Nerd Box for the pop culture fan, Bentoyo Box for the fan of the weird coolness coming out of Japan, Owl Crate for the Young Adult reader, there’s science boxes and construction boxes. If you can imagine it, there’s a mystery box out there for you. Now Marvel has jumped into the fray.

Marvel teamed up with Funko to create the Marvel Collector Corps. Every Marvel Collector Corp box, like other box services, will have a theme. The first box out of the gate is an Avengers/Ultron theme, ‘natch. So, let’s check it out.



The Box– Most people will skip right over the packaging, but the Marvel Collector Corp box is pretty cool. It welcomes you to the Corp, like you’re a part of something. The box is sturdy enough to protect what’s inside without adding bubble wrap or paper inside the box. What’s really cool is the old-school comic book art on the inside of the box.  So, what’s inside the box?


Inside the Box– Inside the box is where all the magic happens, right? Four surprises await the collector: A Funko Pop, a Dorbz, a comic book, and a t-shirt.


avengers tshirt from marvel collector corps box

The T-Shirt- The shirt design mixes The Avengers: Age of Ultron and a boxing match promotion advertisement. It’s well balanced and the use of different fonts will draw the attention of anyone you walk by. However, the shirt runs smaller than what the tag reads. I ordered an x-large (I like loose fitting clothes), but compared to other shirts in my closet it was a medium at best. Remember this if you plan on buying the shirt from Ebay sellers.

The Comic Book– I won’t review the comic book, this isn’t the place. I will say it looks like your typical comic book, but it’s an exclusive so that may interest some people. I liked the Art Adams interior art, but I’ve always like his art. Inside you’ll find a digital download code for an issue of Howard the Duck (which has got to be better than the movie).


The Dorbz- If you like odd shaped characterizations then Dorbz is for you. Dorbz, from Funko’s Vinyl Sugar, is a play on the word “adorable.” As you can see Vinyl Sugar has even made Ultron adorable. It’s not for me, but there are a lot of collectors out there who will gush over this little guy.


The Funko Pop- Funko Pops are the hot toy right now. Some of these little suckers have been sold for over $500. Some Ebay sellers are asking close to $1500 for a limited edition Boo Berry. It’s crazy to think about the prices some these are fetching online. It’s also crazy to think that the exclusive Hulk Buster was not the reason people bought the box.


It’s one of the most detailed and heaviest Pop to come from Funko. The Pop is heavier than even the largest Pops and with good reason, it’s made out of metal. Of course, being the Hulk Buster it would have to be made out of something that could stop the Hulk, right? If it’s not metal then it’s a very strong plastic.


Overall, there’s something in the box for everyone. However, it’s the Pop that will attract most collectors. Marvel should expect big sales if future boxes all have a Pop inside.

Personally, I was more excited to get the box than to see the items in the box. It’s kind of a let down when you spend the kind of money the box costs to realize there’s only one item in the box that is really cool.

I’d also like to see some variety in future boxes. I’ll pass if all the boxes are going to be movie promotions, but there’s someone out there who can’t wait to get their hands on a box full of Ant-Man swag.