Our Top Horror Flicks – Part 1

It’s Halloween and that means one thing for us – horror flicks. Here is a ranking of our Top 20 Horror Flicks.

Terror Train

20) Terror Train –  By today’s standards Terror Train may not rank up there as one of the scariest movies of all time. As viewers, we’ve been conditioned to know when and where the jumps are coming even before they happen. However, when I first saw Terror Train it was pretty scary stuff. It was one of the first horror movies I had seen that I didn’t really know the killer’s identity. If you watched it now, the identity of the killer would be painfully obvious. Even so, it has Jamie Lee Curtis and that’s never a bad thing. – Jon


19) Teeth – Teeth made the list just on the movie’s premise. Nothing about this movie would classify it as a horror movie, but vagina dentata is terrifying.  If you’re not privy to this flick, a high school girl finds out she has an extra set of chompers down there. She’s surrounded by assholes who think they can use her. She learns how to control them, and uses them to her advantage.  Can’t blame her for that, but what if she found a stable relationship and sneezed or coughed? Ouch. – Mike


18) It – Pennywise is the reason a lot of people, including myself, DON’T LIKE CLOWNS.  Sure, the move falls apart when (spoilers) we learn the clown turns is some weird alien spider thing that eats kids, but he comes up a shower drain. Who does that? No one other than this creepy, multi-colored bastard. – Mike


17) Scream – I really think this movie gets a bad rap from the wretchedness that followed the original. If it stands alone, it was truly a great hack and slash horror movie. You had a main character who was both the victim and the hero, a bit of comedic edge with Randy explaining how everything should fall in line with normal horror movies and a solid cast that included Courteney Cox, Matthew Lillard, and shockingly enough, David Arquette. Wes Craven really did a good job with this movie and it really does go under the radar. – Andy

Rosemary's Baby

16) Rosemary’s Baby Rosemary’s Baby may not come to many minds when someone asks “What’s your favorite horror movie?” However, it should. Rosemary’s Baby, directed by Roman Polanski (Chinatown), is definitely a product of the 60s. But after the orgy and the 60s style directions, it’s the last scene where Rosemary comes to terms with everything that should scare you. It’s perhaps one the best endings to a modern horror movie. – Jon

The Omen

15) The Omen – I learned, years after I saw The Omen, what a big deal it was that Gregory Peck (To Kill A Mockingbird) was in it.  It was also years later I learned Richard Donner, the same guy that made us believe a man could fly, directed The Omen.

I didn’t know any of this when I first watched The Omen. All I knew was that this was one scary movie. Sure, no one was being killed with a machete, there was no maniac killer hunting babysitters, and the killer wasn’t a burn victim. This was something else, something other worldly. Damien didn’t have to be created by a prank gone wrong, through bullying, or through rejection. No, Damien was born to be evil.

It also didn’t help growing  up in a very Catholic household with a very Catholic mother. All those bible classes and Sunday masses came to mind watching Peck try to stab his infant son. For months after, rottweilers were devil dogs. I can’t remember the amount of time I spent making sure I didn’t have any scars on my head. – Jon

Shaun of the Dead

14) Shaun of the Dead – Again, I know this is not your traditional horror movie. There is humor and a generally happy ending. However, there is a reason this movie has become a pop culture phenomenon. It is truly warped. It is a zombie apocalypse movie – quite well done in that regard – that revolves around a pilgrimage to the pub. A zany horror flick that revolves around the main characters getting blitzed with England collapsing around them – how can it go wrong. – Andy


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