Our Top Horror Flicks – Part 2

Our Top Horror Flicks

Part 2 of our list of our Favorite Horror Flicks.

Event Horizon

13) Event Horizon – This is the second best science fiction horror flick on this list, and for good reason. Space itself is dangerous as it is. But that doubles down when you add a wormhole to a hellish dimension that would make Pinhead uncomfortable. Seriously, check out the compilation of hell sequences on YouTube. That’s some messed up shit. Event Horizon wasn’t a box office smash, but found the right audience when it was released on home video. Even though this movie has a cult following, it would have achieved mainstream success had the director not been rushed by the studio.  – Mike

Evil Dead

12) The Evil Dead – When people talk about the Evil Dead series, most go with Evil Dead 2, which was a weird mix of sequel and remake, or the Amy of Darkness. Those two movies capitolized on the camp of the original, and added additional silliness like a chansaw hand. But for me, the original is the best one. It’s a good, honest horror flick that was made on a dime store budget in the hills of East Tennessee. There’s plenty of mistakes and blown lines, but what it lacked in production (or acting), it made up with an honest attempt to be scary. – Mike

American Psycho

11) American Psycho – Horror is scariest to me when it reflects reality and real fear. This movie is simply about a good looking cat who decides “Hey, I’m bored. Let’s go kill some people.” There really seemed to be nothing more than that in his attitude toward murder. This movie isn’t your traditional hack and slash and there are no demons rising from the gates of hell to possess someone – just a regular businessman with a knife and some serious messed up morals. That’s what made this movie scary to me. It was the fact that this isn’t some dude with a chainsaw running through the forest in Texas – this was potentially your next door neighbor. -Andy

The Hills Have Eyes

10) The Hills Have Eyes – As far as it goes, this is a pretty cut and dry situation of the Manson family having been genetically mutated. It was truly frightening. It also preyed upon a fear that was generating among the American public – what happened to places after we dropped the bomb. Of course now we know that all your innards explode and there is really nothing left but the nuclear fallout and the slow deterioration of your entire body – but at the time there were real concerns of mutant people living amongst us. Weird how the reality didn’t help people’s fears. -Andy


9) Poltergeist (original) – Today, it seems like every other supernatural horror movie has the same plot- a normal family is haunted by a ghost/poltergeist/demon for reasons beyond their control. Heck, Paranormal Activity is going on its fifteenth sequel with the exact same premise. Ok, I joke, but it seems like it sometimes.

Poltergeist may not have been the original family being haunted movie, but it’s the one I grew up on. I don’t remember where I was exactly when I first saw Poltergeist. However, I do remember being totally creeped out by the whole movie. I saw it again not too long ago and it still holds up in the scares and frights department.

Other than a few special effects, which looked great at the time, there really was no reason for a remake. -Jon


8) Zombieland – So, I know this isn’t what you typically qualify as a horror movie, but at its core it is a group of people escaping from the Zombie apocalypse. Though they are doing it in a humorous way makes no difference to me. It had solid acting, a good crop of zombies considering the small budget they had and an excellent story. Plus, show me another horror movie with a better cameo than Bill Murray. That’s right – you can’t. -Andy


7) Saw – I really like the original Saw movie because it did something that prayed upon legitimate fears. It was a real serial killer doing truly terrible things. Yes, it did get cheesy and no I do not believe that this is how most serial killers behave. However, putting two men in a room to watch to see if either has the ability to kill the other for their own survival is not only terrifying but a true fear of my own. Horror movies are best done when they can take real fear and prey upon it. I won’t fault it for the multitude of bad sequels that followed it. -Andy

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