A Lot of People Hated The New Ghostbusters Trailer

Misogynists, people with reboot fatigue, and mob mentality put this trailer on YouTube’s most hated video’s list. And that means absolutely nothing.

Ghostbusters is the most disliked trailer on YouTube.

You’ve seen the headlines and maybe read an article or two from i09, Huffington Post, The Mary Sue or one of the other thousands of websites that covered it.

Let’s be honest.

We’re talking about people disliking a trailer. That means two things– Jack and shit, and Jack left town.

The video has more than 770 thousand downvotes and is just outside of YouTube’s top 10 disliked videos. It may crack the top 10 by the end of the month. Only 40 thousand votes separate this trailer with the 10th ranked Nicki Minaj’s “Stupid Hoe.”

Yes, 770 thousand votes are a lot, and, yes, that number dwarfs the video’s upvotes. That’s only 2% of the video’s total views. Statistically, that’s a big bowl of no one gives a damn.

There are three types of folks that disliked the video, and by scrolling through the comments, which I don’t recommend, it’s easy to figure out who’s who.

According to an article from Screen Crush, the majority of the down votes are from an active campaign of misogynistic lady haters.  

Here’s what Mike Sampson wrote:

“Quickly the misogyny began to overwhelm the comments under the Ghostbusters trailer and Sony Pictures was forced to delete many offensive remarks, though it doesn’t take long even now to find comments like, ‘When are people going to learn that women aren’t funny?“ and “GhostBusters – Fat Dyke Edition”.

The dislikes eventually got to a point where it became a game among those who hate the movie and frequently return to watch the numbers grow. When one fan commented, “We made it to 500000 dislikes,” another followed up with an enthusiastic, ‘Lets [sic] get it to a million!’ “

And that brings up the mob mentality.  You can find numerous examples of users downvoting for reasons ranging from hatred of Hollywood reboots and remakes to no reason at all.

Here are a few screenshots from users who were there just for kicks.

ghostbusters youtube comment ghostbusters youtube comment



Then there is the group that didn’t like the trailer because, well, it wasn’t that good. I’m in that group. The pacing was slow and the jokes were bad.  

For a quick video, it failed to get moviegoers and Ghostbusters fans excited, . That’s not on the actors, director or writers.

Director Kevin Smith, a man who should be barred from movie making after Tusk, was spot on with his assessment. What we saw isn’t indicative of what he thinks Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, and Paul Feig are capable of.

Even Melissa McCarthy said the trailer was a confusing since starts with a shot of the Ghostbusters old fire house and a caption that said “Thirty Years Ago.”

Someone was paid real money to make the trailer for Sony. Now, take a look at this video a fan made for free.



It used the same clips, was 30 seconds shorter and is better than the official trailer.

Look at the video’s stats again, you’ll see a decent amount of people who liked the video. If this trailer was really so terrible, then shouldn’t there be zero likes instead of 235 thousand?

It’s not like the upvotes combat the downvoters. Other than giving entertainment sites and blogs something to talk about, they are worthless stats.

Those numbers won’t influence any decision maker at Sony or any other movie studio for that matter.  This reboot is written, shot, and edited. It’s still coming out in July. It still stars four women sporting unlicensed nuclear accelerators on their backs.

If want to blame someone for the sequels and remakes coming out of Hollywood, then go look in a mirror

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