Our 15 Favorite Fictional Doctors Part 2

(Part 2 of our Favorite Fictional Doctors list. Click here to see part one.)

7. Dr. Hubert Farnsworth

doctor farnsworth from futurama

That usually means it’s bad.

Everyone should know Dr. Farnsworth. He’s the “I don’t want to live on this planet anymore” meme. Other Futurama characters had more going for them in that regard, but he’s a doctor dammit. Even though he has more doomsday devices than he knows what to do with, he always has good news and he’s not stingy sharing it. He’s one of the few doctors on this list who’s always comfortable in his lab coat, sweat pants, and house slippers. For a mad scientist, his inventions actually work until Fry or Zoidberg breaks them. – Mike

6. Hawkeye – M*A*S*H

hawkeye from mash

I don’t think a list of the best fictional doctors can be complete without listing someone from M*A*S*H*. It was one of the best shows to ever be on television and Alan Alda played this part brilliantly. The jokes were terrific, but there was also the flair for the dramatic that was never far away. He brought levity to something that had no levity. It was a great story and Hawkeye was the piece that brought it all together.

5. Dr. McCoy

doctor mccoy from star trek


I can’t imagine the Enterprise without “Bones.” He was the drily witted doctor who may have been the captain’s biggest confidant. He was also one of the best doctors in Star Fleet as well. It’s hard to ignore him when you rate the best doctors because he is one of the names that is synonymous with the entire Star Trek franchise. Plus, he was the man who attempted to be the voice of reason for the show. While Spock will always steal the show for the Original Series for me, Bones was a close second. – Andy

4. Dr. Watson

doctor watson from bbc's sherlock

The choice for this is “Elementary, my dear Watson.” This is the only name on the entire list that I can think of that’s name actually became part of a popular phrase in pop culture. He is the lovable sidekick to Sherlock Holmes and will always go down as my favorite character in the series. The deductiveness of Sherlock Holmes character always needed the good doctor to really showcase the magnitude of his talents. – Andy

3. Doctor Who


10th doctor

Everyone has their favorite Doctor. Some folks like Chris Eccleston. Others really liked Matt Smith. Older Dr. Who fans dig on William Harnell (the First Doctor). Me? I always liked the Tenth Doctor, David Tennant. He brought a good mix of quirky fun to the Doctor, but serious when he had to be. It was a nice medium that made his time as the Doctor some of the best episodes.

2. Dr. Cox

doctor cox from scrubs

There is no way in the world that I could leave off a guy who actually helped shape the way I tell jokes and the type of jokes I tell. He may not be one of the funniest people to ever hit television but his angry joke telling is what makes me laugh every time. The best part is that it was always done mean spirited. – Andy

1. Dr. Indiana Jones

Indiana jones

You call him Dr. Jones, doll. He’s Indiana Jones, archaeologist extraordinary. I don’t know what kind of training he received, or if he ever went on a legitimate dig, but he knew everything belonged in a museum. Indiana Jones rocks. ( Forget Crystal Skull ever happened.)

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