Our 15 Favorite Fictional Doctors

Just like when we ranked our favorite movies, we’re ranking our favorite fictional doctors from TV shows, books, and movies. Starting at 15 and going all the way to our favorite.  Here’s how we did it. First, each of us listed out five of our all-time favorites. Those were put into one list and we each ranked the entire list from 1 to 15. Those rankings were averaged out to create the final rankings below.  Scroll through and see if your favorite doctor made the list. If he (or she) didn’t, be sure to let us know your top doctors in the comment section.


15. Dr. Faustus


Hated this when I was forced to read it in high school. Re-read it a few years ago and enjoyed it. Faustus is one messed up dude. Live and learn, right? – Jon

14. Dr. Hans Zarkov

dr hanz zarkov

Okay, so he wasn’t the nicest doctor in the beginning of the movie. Along the way though, he changed his tune. Heck, he helped Flash save the universe! – Jon

13. Doc Savage

doc savageI love pulp fiction (No, not the movie. But, yeah I like the movie). There was a publishing company a few years back reprinting the old pulps: The Shadow, The Spyder, and…Doc Savage. Doc Savage was Indiana Jones before Indiana Jones. I dunno, maybe, Lucas was inspired by Savage when he wrote Indiana Jones. What I do know is the old writing and Savage was always a good, fun, quick read. It’s worth the read if you can find some stories. – Jon

12. Dr. Nick Riviera

doctor Nick from simpsons

What’s not to like about Doctor Nick? He’s the poor man’s Doctor Hubbard. It’s obvious he cares more about his clients than his bottom line (or reputation) offering discount surgeries to everyone in Springfield. Sometimes I wish D. Nick was real, especially when I see what hospitals are currently charging. Remember, if you need a surgery, call 1-800-doctorb. The “B” is for bargain. – Mike

11. Dr. Bruce Banner

bruce banner

This one may be a tough pick because he is actually a cooler character when he is not a doctor. However, without Dr. Banner bringing about the Hulk, the Hulk would have never been a thing. He is one of the most respected minds in science in the Marvel universe and he is clearly one of the angriest as well. It’s tough to put him any higher on the list though since there will always be the question of is it the Hulk that is awesome or Dr. Banner himself. Plus, the first Hulk movie really was terrible. My fanboy opinion doesn’t even save that one. – Andy

10. Dr. John Zoidberg

doctor zoidberg from futurama

Your list is bad and you should feel bad.

“Hooray. I made a list. We should celebrate, maybe” is what he would say if he saw this list. While his medical knowledge of humans or any other animal is pitiful, he’s saved the Planet Express crew a few times. Once by magnificent dance and another by besting a Super Yetti. I’m surprised he didn’t make it higher since there’s a wide range of Zoidberg memes floating around the Internet. But he lives in a dumpster, which knocked him down a few pegs. – Mike

9. Dr. Emmett Brown

doc emmit brown from bttf

Doc Brown is fiction’s Albert Einstein, hair and all minus a German accent. Most of his inventions were worthless, like the Rube Goldberg machine he set up to feed the dog. The mind reading device was a bust as well. The DeLorean’s had issues as well, but that was with fuel efficiency. (One plutonium rod only went one way, Doc? Shame) But like any madman, he improved the time machine with each model. Mr. Fusion was a great idea, and something I’d like on my car. But let’s not forget that without it, Marty wouldn’t have white washed black history in Hill Valley, learned his mother was a sexual deviant or his kid was a bumbling idiot. – Mike

8. Dr. Hannibal Lecter

doctor hannibal lecter

There’s one rule when dealing with Dr. Lecter, don’t be rude. That’s how ward attendant “Barney” was able to survive Lecter all those years in the nut house. It makes sense as Lecter is a highly educated psychopath with a penchant for dining on high society. Cannibalism aside, Lecter’s nothing but class. Which is exactly what this list is. Class….minus the “cl.” – Mike

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