Evil Dead Remake Means Ash Died

While scrolling through Netflix, I saw the original Evil Dead had been added, and since seeing the Evil Dead remake on opening weekend, I wanted to take a moment and appreciate the classic.  It was during the opening credits when it me.

The Evil Dead Remake Means Ash Died

The Evil Dead remake wasn’t just an update to a cult-classic, it completely changes Ash’s story line. What’s my proof?  It’s Sam Raimi’s favorite car: the 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88.  If you didn’t know, Raimi loves to put the Delta 88 in every single movie he’s directed, including all four Evil Dead movies.  It’s that car that changes the story.

The way we know it:

Ash and friends drive to a remote cabin in the Tennessee hills, finds the Necronomicon, reads it and all hell breaks loose.  Then Ash kills all of his friends, goes back in time, kick’s some ass, and returns home all to sell someone a shotgun from S-Mart’s sporting goods section.



If you’ve listened to the Evil Dead DVD commentary, then you know everything dies at the end of the film.  Ash, his friends and even the background music playing through the closing credits, everything’s dead.  The music doesn’t fade out.  It slowly dies.  If everything dies at the end of Evil Dead, then the events of Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness didn’t happen. That’s why the  Delta 88 is still at the cabin.  Jane Levy sit’s on it. See.

Ash from the evil dead remake sitting on the delta 88

And if she’s sitting on it there, then there’s no way this happened.

oldsmobile being sucked into a vortext from evil dead 2

So what happened to Ash?

In the Evil Dead world, demons are real. If demons are real, then there’s an afterlife situation.  Ash was your guy who partied like the damn rockstar, having pre-marital sex with many, many women.   Which is great while you’re alive, but in a world where an afterlife is real, it’s a ticket on the express lane to eternal damnation. Evil Dead 2 wasn’t some sort of freakish hybrid remake/sequel, it was us getting to see Ash’s afterlife adventures.  Is he in purgatory? Is he in Hell? One thing’s for sure, he didn’t go somewhere nice like Hawaii.

army of darkness alternate ending

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