Ant-Man Official Trailer Review

The much-anticipated trailer for the diminutive superhero Ant-Man arrived tonight during the premiere of the mini-series Agent Carter on ABC. The trailer is met with a healthy dose of skepticism as even some of the Marvel faithful wondered whether Ant-Man warranted a stand alone movie or if he should have been introduced in the next installment of the Avengers.

Watching this trailer, it does nothing but prove I will doubt Marvel no longer. Somehow they made an exoskeleton riding an ant look cool.

The movie appears to revolve around the passing down of the suit from Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) to Scott Lang (Paul Rudd). The trailer shows Pym talking to Lang after he was arrested for theft about taking over as the Ant-Man. It even gives us a couple shots of the Ant-Man both in the suit full size and in his shrunken down form.

The trailer gives us a first look at the main villain for the movie, Corey Stoll, who will be playing Darren Cross/”Yellowjacket.” Stoll gave that look of impending doom that most comic book movies need and thrive upon. While Stoll doesn’t have that same high power name that Mickey Rourke, Hugo Weaving, Tom Hiddleston, Guy Pearce or Robert Redford have, he makes up for it in having the perfect look for Yellow Jacket.

The trailer also gives us a car chase, a prison fight and some superhero training for Lang. The best part is it looks like we will get to see some of the wit that Paul Rudd is known for. The trailer closes with a joke of Lang asking if it “Is too late to change the name?”

All in all, this is another installment of Marvel’s Phase Two that I am excited for this summer. While I entered into it as a skeptic, I am much more excited to see Ant-Man in July.

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