Bus Party To Hell

(Hey, Chosen Ones, spoilers ahead) I don’t know everything about Burning Man. I know it started years ago with a couple friends and has since grown to epic proportions. I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of nudity, sex, drugs, and naked bicycle riding. I’m positive Burning Man is a safe, judgement free place where you can let your freak flag fly. It all sounds fun, but first your got to get there. For the gang in Bus Party to Hell getting to Black Rock City is easier said than done.

A group of partiers heading to Burning Man in Bus Party to Hell

“Dead. A side effect of being murdered.”

There must be a dozen or so ways to get to Burning Man. The group of strangers in Bus Party to Hell decided to rent a bus, hence the name, and make a road trip out of it. That was their first mistake. The second mistake was letting the driver get off the highway to take a “short cut.” First rule of horror movies, nothing good happens when you leave the main road. Nothing. Second rule of horror movies, one way or another your vehicle is going to stop and or break down once you’ve left the main road. Third rule of horror movies, a lot of bad stuff is going to happen after your vehicle stops or breaks down.

True to horror movie rules the bus driver, who turns out to be a cult member herself, stops the bus in the middle of no where. Shortly afterwards the bus is attacked by cult members. What cult you ask? Who knows? This cult though is looking for the Chosen One who just so happens to be riding on the bus. Some of the wannabe Burning Man revelers are killed, some hauled off to somewhere, and one is even sacrificed.

Bus Part to Hell is full of all sorts of  crazy shenanigans. There’s almost under-age sex with Lara, the future Chosen One (Don’t worry they waited until midnight when she officially turned eighteen). Heads are ripped off bodies, hearts are torn out of chests, and the bus keys are even cut from the bus driver’s stomach (Don’t ask me how she swallowed a entire set of keys). There’s silly dialogue (“The hills have eyes, ears, noses, and throats”) galore .Basically, it has all the elements of a B movie turned up to eleven.

Don’t discount Bus Party to Hell as another B-movie. Yes, it’s low budget, but that doesn’t make it a bad movie. It just means everybody involved in the movie had to work harder and be more creative than if they were working on a movie with a special FX budget in the hundreds of millions of dollars. This hard work shows in the final product.

Ivy and Reese head off to Burning Man in Bus Party to Hell

“Who’s still up for Burning Man?”

Bus Party to Hell is a fun movie. Fun is an adjective thrown around a lot about movies when there’s really nothing else to say, but in the case of Bus Party to Hell fun is the best word to use. It’s a little horror and it’s a little comedy. The story and the movie never takes itself seriously. In fact, it makes fun of itself during the movie. So, if you’re not offended by campy blood and boobs, lots of boobs, sit back for an hour and a half and just enjoy the ride. Check it out on blu-ray June 12th, VOD now, or rent it from Redbox

(And if all this isn’t enough there’s Sharknado’s Tara Reid! What does her character have to do with Bus Party to Hell‘s over all story? We’re not really sure, but we want to see more. If they make a prequel or spin off it has to be how Reid’s Darby got to the desert and cut off her friend’s head.)

Tara Reid fights mummies in Bus Party to Hell

“I hate mummies!”


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