Stunning and Brave Review

South Park’s use of humor to call bullshit on anyone and anything is why the show began it’s 19th season on Comedy Central.

With “Stunning and Brave,” the writers focused on the resurgence of political correctness and it’s all or nothing attitude and knee-jerk reactions.

Long story short, Principal Victoria has been replaced by Principal P.C., a stereotypical frat-boy claiming to clean up South Park and bring it into 2015.

From there, the show illustrated numerous times how Principal PC misses the point of various conversations, instead focusing on specific words used.

The best example is the conversation between Cartman in Principal PC.

Cartman, attempting to emulate his cheating hero Tom Brady, tries to get out of detention. He soaks a pair of Butters’ undies with the Principals’ urine trying to blackmail the principal in traditional Cartman fashion.

The Principal, a muscle-bound frat guy, doesn’t freak at this, but at Cartman’s use of “spokesman” (hinting that women can’t do that job) and “capisce” (connecting Italians with black mail). The Principal loses his shit and beats the hell outta Cartman.

There’s more examples throughout the episode making the same point, but this interaction is the best among them.

This point is made at numerous other points in the show and became a bit tiresome by the end of the show.

The secondary plot focuses on Randy Marsh, Stan’s dad, who accidentally pledges to the PC frat. He delivers some quality spin while he’s sitting in his kitchen, hung over, talking with his wife or Stan.

“Stunning and Brave” is a funny episode, but since it’s South Park and covering PC, I’m sure it ruffled someone’s feathers out there. One thing I noticed was call back to jokes or situations from earlier seasons. Season 18 was a departure from standard South Park story telling in that it referenced prior events. It looks like Season 19 will do the same. That’s fantastic as South Park’s best episodes are multi-episode story arcs.

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