Where My Country Gone Review

Last week’s episode, “Stunning and Brave,”  mocked political correctness and it’s obsession with words and not the meaning behind them.

In “Where My Country Gone,” the mocking tone takes aim at the anti-pc crowd.

Mr. Garrison, frustrated by the influx of Canadian immigrants, goes full Trump and spews crazy rhetoric.  He wants to build a wall between the U.S. and Canada, deport the undocumented Canadians, and f*ck them all to death.

But oh ho, the Canadian government beat him to it and built a fence to keep the Americans away from “all the cool shit in Canada.”

Garrison is outraged that someone would keep Americans out of a country and devices a plan to get in the country illegally.

Meanwhile, Cartman talks Butters into dating one of the Canadian girls to avoid a race war at school.  Cartman also floats various conspiracy theories about Kyle and his desire to destroy the fabric of American society because he’s a Jew.

After some funny theories and sweet moments between Butters and his Canadian sweetie, the show goes back to Garrison. He’s made it to the new Canadian President’s office and makes good on one of his promises.

In this episode, the Canadian president is another Trump-esque blowhard who runs Canada into the ground, causing the mass migration south of the border.

“Where My Country Gone” does a great job of mocking the anti-PC crowd with their nonsensical rhetoric. It also illustrates how Americans are eager to point fingers but not step back to properly assess situations.

This was a funny episode, but some of the jokes weren’t as biting as they were in “Brave and Stunning.” That’s okay. This was still a fun episode to watch.  B+

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