Mad Men’s Maddening Finale

Mad Men’s last episode is in the history books. Whether people like, love or hate the final episode it will flood the blogs and social media in the coming days.

So prepare yourself, the reviews are coming. Starting with this one.

The series finale of Mad Men was shitty. It was shitty in that almost every character who hadn’t been written off the show yet got a happy ending.

While Joan lost her love interest, she started a production company and is now her own boss, far away from the insufferable sexists at McCann-Ericson.

Peggy picked up a love interest in Stan, her coworker. Something we’ve been waiting to see for at least a season and a half.

Pete Campbell said his goodbyes and hopped on a LearJet with his ex-wife and kid heading for a new life in Kansas.

Roger Sterling landed Mare Calvet, Megan Draper’s fiesty French mother, a woman he’s had his eyes on for a few seasons.

Then there’s Don who discovers his feelings while being stranded in a hippy-dippy retreat in northern California. He discovered his feelings and got the idea for one of Coke’s most iconic commercial.

Yup. Everyone got a super happy ending. Everyone except Betty Francis and her (and Don’s) kids. And that’s the shitty part.

As I mentioned in the last Mad Men review, I’ve never been a fan of Betty’s character. I found her selfish and childish and difficult to like.

There were plenty of characters on the show I didn’t like, but they were gone as soon as they came (minus Pete Campbell).

While I don’t feel sorry for Betty, I have to question what the writers were thinking? Were they trying to write the finale as realistic as they could?

It would make sense. How else could you explain why a mother of three would get a terminal diagnosis while others, who did some shitty things by the way, finished the series unscathed.

This one thing is certain- I’m glad the series is over. This last season, looking at both parts and not the silly split AMC opted for, was the weakest one of the lot. And with Mad Men in the history books, I can reclaim another hour of my Sunday evening.

As far as the finale, the fact that Betty was the only one who got shafted rubs me the wrong way. It bothers me so much, that I’m putting Dexter’s finale above this one.

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