House Of Cards Season 3 Review

For the third season of House of Cards, political drama junkies have plenty of twists and turns to stay entertained under President Frank Underwood’s tenure in the White House.

But this season is different than the first two. The third season, unlike the others, focuses more on Frank and Claire’s relationship. At first, I thought this was a bit off putting, but considering the story and it’s direction, it makes sense.

Without shifting the story that way, House of Cards would have a “lather, rinse, repeat” feel. The first two seasons were all about the Underwood’s rise to power. Deals made in smoke filled rooms, dark alleys and any other isolated area. Now that he’s in power, there has to be a new angle.

If you’re addicted to the political aspect, don’t worry. There’s still plenty political back stabbery in this season. The dealing expands when President Underwood tries to make a couple of deals with the Russians. Both of which blow up in Frank’s face. Even the deals he makes domestically fall short or backfire.

But season three had to introduce a new angle into the show’s mythology. Three seasons of wheeling and dealing would have a “lather, rinse, repeat” feel to it. House of Cards is the poster child for successful Netflix programming. They have to keep it alive for as long as possible. As long as they’re smart about it, House of Cards could go to five or six seasons.

The only unforgivable gripe is something my wife pointed out after we finished the show. Season three turned the otherwise strong willed Claire Underwood into a cliche. My wife has a good point, as she often does.

In the first two seasons, Claire is as determined and shady as Frank. But in Season three, it seems she’s having a crisis of conscious, wondering if she’s doing “the right thing.”

I don’t want to spoil the season for anyone who hasn’t seen it. But would it have been hard to accept Claire as a cold, calculating politician like her husband?

Instead , we get a confused woman with an internal struggle. A mental fight the audience isn’t in on. It wasn’t until the last episode she finds the backbone she lost for most of Season three.

Throughout the entire series, while Frank was an unsavory character, I rooted for him. I wanted Underwood to make it to the presidency. I assumed that’s when the shit would hit the fan. But I still rooted for him.

The season finale was able to do something the previous episodes couldn’t. Sure he murdered a politician and reporter in previous seasons, but he was charismatic by god. But that last episode shows him for the horrible person he is.

As I said before, the only complaint is Clair Underwood’s change from strong willed hell cat to indecisive pawn. Other than that, the third season is as solid as its predecessors. Go ahead and binge watch House of Cards Season 3 if you haven’t already.

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