Evil Dead TV Show Announced, Internet Approves

In what could be described as a collective nerdgasm, Sam Raimi announced at San Diego Comic Con that he will be directing the movie adaptation of “Last of Us.”  The bigger news was he, along with his brother Ivan, have been working on the script for an Evil Dead TV Show. Raimi said Evil Dead icon Bruce Campbell will be a part of the project.

How Campbell will be involved is unclear as some outlets report he will reprise is role as Ash. Others say he’s assisting with the production.  Regardless, it seems the Internet has approved this new development. The show follows the Evil Dead remake, which Raimi did not write or direct.

I have yet to see an Evil Dead movie I didn’t like, except the video games. They were garbage.  My only hope is if this show does become a reality, it isn’t picked up by Fox. Are you excited for the TV show? Sound off in the comments below.

Update: Bruce Campbell will star in the Evil Dead TV show…if it ever gets off the ground.

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