The Struts “Everybody Wants” Review

the struts everbybody wants

Review of the 2014 album “Everybody Wants” from the British indie rock band The Struts.

Very few bands come out and shock me lately to the point I listen to the album on repeat. The Struts have done just that with their album Everybody Wants. And yes I do know this album came out in 2014 but my first listen came just a couple week ago via AltNation on Sirius XM, so please don’t hipster me.

Don’t wanna live as an untold story
Rather go out in a blaze glory

The first single I have heard played in the US was “Could Have Been Me” which with a little notoriety could be an anthem song. It has all the makings with a solid melody and catch chorus and to really understand the song, all you really need are the first lyrics:

However, songs like “Kiss This” and “Dirty Sexy Money” have almost blended the British Invasion with modern alt rock seemlessly. However, the real treat to me on the album is “Black Swan” – still unreleased in the US and UK. It has this broken hearted punk rock feel to it and I can’t get enough of it.

It is probably the first album since the Menzingers Rented World that I don’t feel the need to skip songs. Alt Nation has a tendency to throw up bands for a single and then you seek out the album and realize that, well, they have one song. This is definitively not the case and I hope they stay in the US music scene.

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