Tapiture Gets Slick Update

UPDATE 2/19/2016: Tapiture was purchased by Playboy. None of the review below applies to the new app.

UPDATE 10/13/2015: After spending time and money redesigning their mobile app, Tapiture announced via their website they have shut down.  No reason was given.

TApiture, a photo sharing network, updated the design on both mobile devices and desktop interfaces.

Gone are the tired, uninspiring feeds and collections. They’ve been replaced by a design that belongs on your smartphone.

Tapiture, if you’re just hearing about it, is a photo discovery and sharing app from the folks that brought us theChive.

Imagine theChive forcing Twitter and Pinterest to have an illegitimate app baby. That’s Tapiture.

So what’s new?

While I haven’t used hookup apps like Tinder, I know there’s swiping involved.

The same mechanics are included when you’re discovering new images within the app.

tapiture screenshotDon’t quote me on this, but you swipe right to like the image. Swipe left to dismiss it, and hit the middle button if you want to take the image home for a one-night stand.

The home feed’s look was updated as well. The like and sharing buttons have been enlarged while image thumbnails have shrunk a small bit.

But, if you’re not a fan of the tiled feed, you can switch it to a stacked images. There’s fewer images, but bigger thumbnails. It’s dealer’s choice on which one is better.

Actually, tiled or stacked home feed could have been a pre-existing feature and I never noticed. Tapiture, before this update, was a visually bland application.

It didn’t matter how many pretty pictures were in the news feed, I didn’t want use the app. The new visuals change all of that.

One of the key upgrades is a setting limiting or allowing NSFW pictures to show up in your news feed.

Again, it’s dealer’s choice if that setting is activated or not. But if I have a large phone or phablet, you better believe I’m turning that setting on…while I’m at work.

There are a few bad reviews for the new design in Google’s Play Store, but most of the complaints, from my perspective, seem to come from those who haven’t taken the time to tinker around with the app yet.

Tapiture has one drawback: It is absolute garbage in landscape mode.

That isn’t a big problem as you would think. Tapiture shrinks landscape images to fit in the app’s horizontal preference.

Overall, this is a fantastic photo sharing app. Whether you have your own work to share or just looking through an image board that isn’t Pinterest. Tapiture belongs on your phone.  It’s free for iPhone and Android.

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