Magic Mike XXL Review – According to My Wife

Watching buff, oiled men prance around for two hours isn’t high on my to-do list.

It’s not on my list at all. But that’s right up my wife’s alley. So here’s her thoughts on Magic Mike XXL.

“It was amazing.  So much man meat.

There were lots of naked men. (She bit her lip and looked off to the side.)

There was lots of dancing. It was funny. My lips are chapped from licking them.”

(A promo for the movie played on TV while she was telling me about the movie. She stopped mid sentence and didn’t start talking until the it was over.)

Channing Tatum dances like a good lay. (She put her hand on her chest and nibbled her lip.)

Alside was in it (talking about Joe Maganiello) HE. WAS. FUCKING. HOT. And funny.

I think it was better than the first one because it didn’t have the cheesy love story. I may buy this when it comes out on DVD. “(Oh lucky me.)

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