iZombie Season Finale & Recap

blaine from izombie

iZombie’s first season is officially in the books. Was the finale mind blowing? Check the review to find out.

Just like every other show, iZombie’s season finale wraps up the major stories in a somewhat unsatisfying bow.

Warning: Spoilers

One of the major issues with Liv was keeping her zombie-ism a secret from her roommate and ex-fiance, Major. Her roommate, in the previous episode, found out Liv was a zombie when she saw Liv’s “full on zombie mode” in the apartment’s kitchen. And now Major knows.

I’m not going to recap HOW he found out, but there was the typical back and forth between Liv and Major that we’ve seen hundreds of times before. You know the conversation. It goes like this:

“Why didn’t you tell me you were a [zombie/vampire/werewolf/one-legged-man]?”

“I didn’t want to hurt you.”

“You’ve been lying to me this entire time!”

“But I love you!”

Speaking of secrets, the crime story picked up where it left off in the previous episode. And shame on me for thinking there was a new bad guy to replace Blaine. Nope. One of the band members was killing his buddies to collect a $300k ransom from Max Rager in exchange for a thumb drive. A thumb drive with all of the energy company’s secrets on it.

Secrets that Liv got access to and released to the Seattle media. Not enough to put the company out of business, but enough to get the energy drink pulled off the shelf. The data Liv released didn’t include the formula for making zombies.

The last story that finished was Major’s zombie hunt. The action goes down at Blaine’s headquarters and was the best scene in the episode. There’s some light torture, a gun fight, and Major got to use the grenade he just bought. Of course, the CW didn’t show the zombie’s being shot in the head, but their work around was good enough for me.

The finale felt like any other episode from earlier in the season. It was entertaining, but the cliffhangers weren’t strong enough to create that “I can’t wait for next season” feeling.

Looking back at the first season, it’s clear that iZombie is designed to just entertain. There’s nothing wrong with that, but know there’s not a lot going on beneath the surface. iZombie isn’t going to have you glued to the screen for 60 minutes, but it doesn’t feel like a time waste either. iZombie falls somewhere in between.  Considering it mixed humor, horror, zombies and crime procedurals, that’s not a bad place to be.

Here’s to hoping Liv gets to be the zombie she needs to be in season 2. Cheers.

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