Special Announcement: Best Picture This Joins a Mind on Fire, Kind Of

The Best Picture This logo, a film camera and BPT

A Mind of Fire has joined the brains behind Best Picture This, kind of, to carry on their good work in one of the best cinema podcasts around.

We are proud and honored to announce that the brains behind the Best Picture This podcast have allowed us to carry on their good work in the “pages” of A Mind On Fire. If you haven’t listened to the podcast your homework is to go wherever you get your podcasts and load an episode up. Best Picture This is easily one of the best cinema podcasts around.

Long time listeners will find the A Mind on Fire “Best Picture This” column familiar. There will still be the Farley Awards and The Golden Take. Of course, the Kick It or Keep it will be a main staple. The columns won’t have trivia or Two Questions basically because we have no one to bounce trivia or questions to bounce off anyone. In their place will be key historical events that occurred during the year and, if possible, the month a movie was released.

People standing outside the theater hosting the 1958 Oscar Awards.

The biggest break will be the years covered in the A Mind On Fire column. Best Picture This discussed the Best Oscar nominations from the 21st Century. A Mind on Fire will cover all Best Picture nominations from 1940 to the present. The years will be chosen at random and the order the movies are discussed will be ordered by a blind draw. The first year we are covering is the 1973 Oscar Awards.

If we’ve done our job maybe will see how the Oscars and the voting committees have changed over the years. If we’re even more successful we may see how what’s occurring in the real world affects the movies nominated or even being created in the first place. Please join us for our 84 year journey through cinema history. Thank you.