Agents of Shield Afterlife Review

agents in the after life review agents of shield

Review of the Afterlife episode of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD where we learn more about New SHIELD, Skye’s new school, and Coulson’s plan to retake SHIELD.

This week is all about three separate story lines. First, is Coulson and Hunter on their two man crusade against New SHIELD. Next, is New SHIELD’s plan to open up the toolbox. Finally, we have Skye and her newfound School for the Criminally Insane People with Powers (naming rights reserved). So, let’s break it down by storyline.

This week opens with Coulson and Hunter searching for means of transport and making a couple jokes at the expense of a used car salesman. Their first stop is the Resort to figure out what happened with Skye.

To be expected Hunter is bitter and Coulson is annoyed. Coulson calls in Old SHIELD for a meeting. Old SHIELD breaks into the resort, but Hunter and Coulson have a plan to deal with them. However, they are still out manned and captured until their “backup” arrives. Agent Peterson returns to help Coulson out of a jam and they now have their own plane to the credit of New SHIELD. Now their duo is a trio to the chagrin of Gonzalez.

We also learn that Coulson’s plan is to find Ward to help him find Skye.

New SHIELD is still in possession of the SHIELD base. Gonzalez is still after the toolbox and is debriefing everyone in Old SHIELD to get into the toolbox.

Fitz and Simmons are still on the outs with New SHIELD, but Simmons is willing to listen. Mack tries to convince Fitz to say but in doing so reveals Simmons’ ability to open the toolbox to the chagrin of Fitz.

Fitz has a very heartwarming speech about how New SHIELD is being guided by fear, but Fitz is still forced out by Simmons. He leaves SHIELD.

However, we learn that Simmons was deceiving New SHIELD all along and helps Fitz escape with the toolbox.

After discovering that Coulson has new help, Gonzalez takes May to the ship and offers her the chance to kill him. May is offered a seat on the board of New SHIELD. She hears him out about taking the seat, but no decision is made.

This is a continuation episode as well of Skye’s journey to become Inhuman. Gordon has taken Skye to an academy full of people who are trying to transition to Inhuman themselves.

While there Skye learns there is no fixing” her to her chagrin. However, she learns that the school is there to teach her how to harness her new powers. They are also teaching her to embrace them instead of fear them as the Kree believed.

We also get our first look of what Gordon has done with Skye’s father. He has been locked in a prison by Gordon and the elders. Gordon tells him that “his lack of self control has sealed his fate as well as his daughters.”

Skye also learns tdone Raina is on campus as well and this upsets Skye. The two of them meet and Skye learns just how much Raina has changed. In doing so, Skye uses her powers to attack Raina but is stopped before serious damage can be done by her new guide – her mother.

All in all, this was a solid episode to continue the stories from last week. We gained some new knowledge and tried to throw the Mom’s not dead card, but definitely still a lot of fun to watch.

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