Zen Star Wars Figurines

zen storm trooper and c3p0

These awesome figures are what you get when you combine Star Wars, Zen, and 3D Printing.

Oh would you look at that? An Etsy shop takes Star Wars or pop culture icons and puts them on Buddha’s body. Now, you can have your religion and pop culture wrapped up in one simple 3D printed figure.

Chris Milnes makes all of these icons from his home office with the he help of a 3D printer and sells them on his Etsy shop, “MuckyChris, at decent price.

The figurines aren’t limited to Star Wars characters. His store includes other icons from Batman, Planet of the Apes, Guardian of the Galaxy, and Terminator.

These are fantastic. I love the idea of putting Boba Fett or Darth Vader on the laughing Budda’s body.


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