Twoople Reviewed

Twoople is a social media site and app allowing anyone from a computer or mobile device to chat with you regardless what format they are using. All they need to get in touch with you is a Twoople web address.

Regardless of what social media sites you are or are not on, this one allows anyone to contact you without having to create a needless profile. Set up is easy. If you choose to start this, all you need to supply is the standard username and password. You can add job title, company and your professional or private website. If you want to contact someone through a Twoople url, then you go to the user’s address. That’s it. Simple.

Seriously, visit and see for yourself. As a Twoople user, you do have the option of rejecting chats as needed so you’re not swamped with bogus chats asking if you’d like to increase your penis size or if you would like to help your South African Prince cousin store millions in a U.S. bank account you have to set up.

There are also additional security settings that limit’s your profiles visibility in Twoople’s search functions. You can limit it to accepting chats from people with your account’s url. The app and service is new, but it seems to be sluggish on my Samsung GS3. That’s really the only downside I can pinpoint at the moment. I’ll be tinkering around with this app over the next couple of days and will update this review as needed.

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