Top 5 YouTube Channels

More than 100 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute. That isn’t entirely cat videos, so the challenge is how do you wade through the crap that and get to the good stuff?  If hours of searching YouTube doesn’t sound good for you, then check out these five channels that I believe are worth following (for the nerd in all us).

5. VSauce

Hosted by a beautiful bearded bastard, Michael, each video is designed to answer a specific question or discuss a particular topic.  Each video answers hard hitting questions like “Why is Your Bottom in the Middle?,” “Why Are Things Creepy?” and “What If you Were born In Space?”

Most of the videos go over the 10 minute mark, so be prepared to spend some time watching the videos. Not only are they long, but there’s so much info in these videos, it’s almost like Raisin Bran for your brain.  However, if you wanted to combine scientific facts with brevity then you may like

4. MinutePhysics

Just like the title says, MinutePhysics takes complex ideas and compresses them into quick digestible clips. The videos are animated. That way you’re not staring at someone’s face, or if you’re like me, phase out the narration and just focus in on the colors and quick action.

3. Action Figure Therapy

Whoever thought of this should be retroactively be awarded the king of the internets.  The premise is simple. You have action figures in therapy sessions. The videos are all monologues by comedians that are great at telling a well crafted dick joke.

Having been in the military, I can tell you first hand that some of these personalities are ion the US military. And just like their real life counterparts, most of these videos are focus on tits, parties, getting laid and anything else guys talk about in the locker room.

2. Epic Rap Battles of History

With ERB, you and your friends don’t have to fight over who’s the freshest on the mic: Bob Ross or Pablo Picasso.  The brain trust behind this channel took the “what-if” fights to the next level and put some fresh beats behind it.

EpicLoyd and NicePeter have a good thing going with this video niche. Most of the characters are played by the writers, but once in a while they’ll get folks like Key And Peele and Snoop Dog.

1. Cracked: After Hours

If you’re not privy to Cracked in general, stop here and head over to their site for a few weeks. The site that pumps out smart-assed top 5 lists also produces videos. Comedy videos that should be watched.

After Hours is one of their better video series. Meta conversations about anything and virtually everything in nerd culture.  Ever wonder what was wrong with  Ralphie from a Christmas Story? There’s a video for that.  Harry Potter’s universe is utterly terrifying, and so on and so forth.  The chemistry among the four characters play well with each other as they debate their different point of view. The goal is to try and win the debate for bragging rights, and that’s about it.


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