The Top 21 Movies We Stop For (Part 3)

Everyone has those movies that when they see them on television, they just stop whatever they are doing and rewatch them. It doesn’t matter if it is the fifth time you have seen it or the hundredth time, you are going to stop.

Here is our list of movies that we always stop for (1-7):screen grab from road warrior

7) Road Warrior: If I’ve seen this movie once I have seen it a thousand times. There’s just something about the car crashes, the explosions, and the story of Max trying to get the tanker out of the wastelands that won’t let me turn this movie off when it’s on. -Jon

ed norton in fight club

6) Fight Club: Well this is awkward. I can’t talk about Fight Club as it violates the first two rules. Here’s what I can tell you: Bob had bitch tits and you need to find your power animal. -Mike

lumburgh in office space

5) Office Space: I watched this movie the first time when it was in the theater and I just didn’t get it, but judging by the box office I was not alone. It took a second watch almost five years later before I really took it for what it is. Now, as I get older and more established in my career, I identify with it and every time I see it, there is a new joke that I just never caught before. -Andy

indiana jones looking at gold statue

4) Raiders of the Lost: While far from a perfect movie, Indiana Jones and The Raiders of the Lost Ark has a certain charm about it. Whether it’s the bar brawl, Indy bringing a gun to a knife fight, or hitching a ride on a submarine for thousands of miles this movie is special. And if you didn’t start humming the theme song, I don’t if we should hang out. -Mike

the original ghostbusters

3) Ghostbusters: Ghostbusters kept me entertained as a child with the special effects. Every kid has the one movie they watch all the time. For me, it was this film. I had multiple copies  back when movies were on magnetic strips called VHS. The strips would break and depending on the severity, the movie could be fixed with tape or replaced completely. I wore out two VHS copies. As I got older and learned about more adult things, I picked up on the jokes that I had previously missed. -Mike

luke talking with yoda in degoba

2) Empire Strikes Back: Unspoiled by marketing shams like Ewoks or Jar Jar Binks. Darker than A New Hope, but not as hokey as Revenge of the Sith. Luke lost a hand, but gained a Father. This is the top Star Wars film in the franchise and one of the best movies EVER. -Mike

And now the #1 movie that we will always stop to watch…

the joker with a playing card in his hand

1) The Dark Knight: Calling The Dark Knight a comic book movie doesn’t do it justice.  Yes, the source material is a rich man in tights fighting over-the-top villains, but Christopher Nolan does so much more with this movie.  Most action films don’t come close to the level of action and story telling in this film. Heath Ledger’s Joker is entertaining and frightening, stealing any scene he’s in and moving away from the prior gimmicky versions. -Mike

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