The Top 21 Movies We Stop for (Part 2)

Everyone has those movies that when they see them on television, they just stop whatever they are doing and rewatch them. It doesn’t matter if it is the fifth time you have seen it or the hundredth time, you are going to stop.

Here is our list of movies that we always stop for (8-14):

two main dudes from fast and the furious

14) The Fast and the Furious: Growing up with this movie and in the middle of the car culture, this is what my friends and I wanted to be. We all had the guy we identified with and the person we wanted to emulate. Plus, my 14 year old self had no idea that that plot twist was coming. -Andy

harrison ford lookin handsome in blade runner

13) Blade Runner (Director’s Cut):  I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t add one of my desert island top tens. There are two reasons I always go to Blade Runner and will stop for it every time. The first, I see something new every time I watch the movie. Second, it’s an awesome movie to just watch and enjoy. If Blade Runner is on or if I spy it on the movie shelf, I’ll watch it over a lot of other movies. -Jon

screen grab from major league


12) Major League: I love baseball. I love comedies. I love Bob Eucker. There is not a single thing about this movie that I don’t like (except that I recently discovered that the original premise had the whole thing as a master plan by the owner). It is my favorite movie when I am in a foul mood and am utterly disappointed it isn’t a Comedy Central staple like it used to be. -Andy

rah rah speech from varsity blues

11) Varsity Blues: Perhaps I enjoy this because I associate it with my teenage years. Perhaps I enjoy it because every time I see it, I still laugh at the jokes. Perhaps I enjoy it because of the whip cream bikini. Whichever of the three it may be, if it is on TBS for the 13th time on a three day weekend, I am totally stopping to see if Billy Bob has a working brain. -Andy

guy walking empty streets of london

10) 28 Days Later: This one does it for me on many levels. I get action and I get some scares (I would say I get zombies, but there aren’t any zombies in the movie and it would open a can of worms I don’t want to get into today) all wrapped up in a smart story that doesn’t cheat the viewer. -Jon

the cast of anchorman the legend of ron burgandy

9) Anchorman: For me, most comedies are one and done. The scenes were funny the first time because you had never seen the scene and the set up before. After the first time though you know what’s going to happen. However, I laugh every time I watch Anchorman. If I need a comedy this is in the one. -Jon

riddick's shiny eyes in chronicles of riddick

8) Chronicles of Riddick: I can’t live on cerebral films all the time. Yes, I love David Lynch, but when I need to turn the brain off and settle my craving for action and explosions Riddick does the trick. -Jon

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