The Zombie Apocalypse is Over in the UK

The Walking Dead is a huge success here in the colonies and the numbers don’t seem to be diminishing from episode to episode.However, Digital Spy has reported that the BBC whatever the number is dropping The Walking Dead from its television line up. The story sites low viewing numbers as the reason for pulling the plug on the show. Interestingly enough, the BBC plans on keeping Under the Dome in its television lineup. It’s not that Under the Dome is a bad show, but it’s no Walking Dead.

So, why the low numbers? Is the show too American for the Brits? Americans love everything British. We eat up Dr. Who, love Sherlock Holmes, and adore the Crawley family in Downton Abbey. The love doesn’t seem to go both ways. Not only is The Walking Dead being dropped, but so is Once Upon A Time and Helix is being put on hiatus.

I don’t know if another BBCnumber can pick up the show or not. In the States, if a network cancels a show another network could pick it up. Cougar Town is one example of a canceled show being picked up by another network after it was cancelled. Honestly, I hope someone over there picks it up because the only thing worse than Daryl dying is not seeing Daryl at all.

walking dead season 4 daryl

If Daryl dies, we riot.

I’ll raise a pint for all the Walking Dead fans across the ocean.

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