The Flash “Out of Time” Review

In what may have been the most exciting and most enlightening ten minutes of the season, Barry and his team truly begins to figure out things before everything takes a wild turn. *SPOILERS*

This episode was filled with conclusions that were all dispelled in the final moments. However, let’s take a look at the conclusions.

First of all, Sisko may in fact be the smartest guy on the show. He is the only one to truly prove who Dr. Wells is. He spends the entire episode chasing down the truth after being informed there is evidence of his wrongdoing. This results in his untimely death.

Second, Barry and Iris are forced to reveal their true feelings for each other after a muddled double date. Not only that, Barry is forced to reveal that he is the real Flash in order to save Joe and Central City by a tsunami created by one of Wells’ creations.

Finally, you truly get to the point of what Dr. Wells is doing. He is attempting to use Barry to get him back to his real time as Barry is the one that is fast enough to travel through time. He is only helping him in order to do so. And in doing so he is willing to kill the man that he sees as the closest thing he will have to a son.

All of this wound up being the coolest ten minutes of this show. But, wait! There’s more. In protecting the city, Barry finally achieves the speed he needs to time travel. This gives him the ability to have a second chance in stopping the death of Sisko and Mardon from creating the tsunami.

It was a week of conclusions that turn out to be nonconclusions. The whole episode was a setup to truly give you a taste of what is about to come. I am truly impressed with this show, more so than I was after one season of Arrow.

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