Sponsored Content – Jimmy vs Principal PC

South Park‘s Sponsored Content, while light on the laughs, was an all-around fun episode.

This episode’s pacing was faster than previous episodes, so let’s recap.

First, we have the showdown between Jimmy and Principal PC. This conflict started with the word “retarded” in the school paper. This sent the principal into a screaming rage in South Park Elementary’s hallway.

At one point, he threatens to break the legs of whoever used the slur. That is until he finds out that Jimmy is the editor.

Principal PC, uncomfortable, tries to convince Jimmy the “r-word” isn’t okay to use. It’s a “micro transgression” that can cause hurt feelings. Jimmy, a stickler for free speech, doesn’t sign on to the principal’s suggested censorship.

Dejected, the principal bans the paper from being distributed on school grounds. Jimmy, in a “fuck you” moment, writes the paper and distributes it to everyone’s home. Checkmate.

The town loves it. Since Jimmy doesn’t sell ad space, there’s no distractions, or links to click, just news. The paper is such a hit, it makes national headlines for not having any ads.

Jimmy was tempted, though. A Geico representative offers Jimmy $43 million for sponsored content in the school paper. Unlike most of us, Jimmy didn’t take the money. Angry, the Geico man pulls a gun out and rambles on how Internet ads have adapted. The ads have outsmarted ad blockers and disguised itself as news articles.

That sets up the big reveal later in the show.

A reveal that was so fun, I’m not going to spoil it here. Nope. You’ll have to watch the episode for the details. I will say it builds off the ending of Naughty Ninjas and is worth your time.

Sponsored Content revisited both Caitlyn Jenner and Mr. Garrison’s presidential run. They weren’t in the episode for long, but it seems these two will have an integral part to play later on. Why else would Garrison abandon his presidential campaign to go back to South Park?

Sponsored Content was a well-rounded episode. While it wasn’t as funny as Tweek x Craig  or Where My Country Gonethe fast pace and spoofing of faux PC culture and Internet ads picked up the slack.

Seriously, watch it.

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