SHIELD Love in the Time of Hydra Review

love in the time of hydra review

Review of the Agents of SHIELD episode “Love in the Time of Hydra.”

This was definitely a setup episode for the Agents of Shield with the continuation of the two overarching storylines of the season and a reemergence of the dastardly (yeah I said dastardly) Ward.

Most of the show centered around the emergence of the new SHIELD. Because what super secret organization is complete without the emergence of a separate super secret organization within the frameworks of the original super secret organization. I am hating on this more than I actually dislike the episode, I just need less of the super secret all of the time.

Bobbie is still trying to convince Hunter to join the real SHIELD, to no avail as it turns out, but her efforts do reveal the reality behind New SHIELD. They feel that Coulson is keeping too many secrets. Which is ironic since they are now holding secret meeting to stage a coup. However, they may have a point. Just this week, Coulson takes Skye off active duty to a safe house to keep everyone safe including her. The New SHIELD has no knowledge of the attempt and this is used as another example of Coulson keeping secrets.

Hunter is unamused by all of this and still decides to escape from the aircraft carrier he was being held on.

Back at Old SHIELD, as mentioned before Skye is taken to a safe house without the knowledge of most of the team. This unnerves a few of the people and Mack catches wind in time to alert New SHIELD. Thus sending them down the rabbit hole of Coulson secrets. Maye begins to become aware of Mack’s new found narking abilities and they decide to monitor him and Fitz and Simmons continue to be on the outs and that will probably continue it appears.

If this isn’t enough spy stuff for you, let’s get to the return of the dastardly Ward and his new cohort Agent 33. Ward and 33 are able to get the mask repaired so that 33 can now impersonate whoever she likes again. Their first task. Go after Talbot’s base to capture Talbot’s prisoner to be their prisoner. They infiltrate the Air Force base by 33 posing as Talbot’s wife, then a random Lieutenant, then a random male soldier. Ward just goes in and kills some people. The two of them take Bakshi supposedly so that 33 can have her revenge however Ward’s interest probably lies somewhere else.

The whole thing got incredibly awkward when 33 decides to become Skye and seduce Ward. That may have been the lowest of the lowpoints of this episode. As I said, this was definitively a setup episode for things to come with a crashing of paths between New Shield and Old Shield. However, this week just felt a little slow. All in all, the story was there but without the Ward storyline intermingling this would have been a lost episode for me.

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