Saving the Cheerleader Again- Heroes Reborn

NBC is bringing back Heroes as Heroes Reborn. There’s not too much information, okay there’s none, in this 20 second clip, but here are some things the writers and creator should learn from the last go around.

This time around don’t write yourself into a corner every other episode. Hiro seemed to use his time traveling powers to fix things that went tits up for the group once too often. It got old and stale pretty quick. Don’t make a character that is indestructible. Sylar should have stayed dead at the end of season 1. Instead he kept coming back again and again and again.

Most viewers didn’t seem to care that there were ups and downs in the story line. The average viewer doesn’t realize that stories, all stories, have peaks and valleys to create momentum. It helps build and move a story forward. However, the X-Men, comic book crowd the show was targeting only wanted to see people use super powers.

If they can create a story that is good enough viewers may not care that there is an episode without someone shooting something out of their eyes or hands. ¬†Zombies haven’t appeared in every single episode of The Walking Dead and no one seems to mind. It’s because the story is compelling and the characters are interesting enough that we want to know what happens to them next. Create characters and stories we care about seeing every week.

I was a big fan of the original series or, at least, the first season. It felt like the writers and creators were trying to show a real world with real super powered people in it. Somewhere along the line they lost the focus. I’m not writing off Heroes Reborn yet, but it’s going to take more than a 20 second promo to convince me to watch.


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