Round Table: Seeing Movies Multiple Times

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What does it take to see movies in the theater more than once?

Question: Let’s face it, movies are expensive. However, everyone has seen that one movie that they could see again or that one movie they get roped into seeing a second time by friends. What movie(s) have you seen multiple times in the theater? Also, do you have an issue with seeing it a second or third time in the theater?


fan art of bane from The Dark Knight RisesAndy G: I have only seen a couple of movies in the theater multiple times. I saw Dark Knight Rises three times in the and more recently have seen X-Men: Days of Future Past twice. Personally, I normally try to keep it to seeing the movie once as tickets are expensive and if I can show patience, I can normally pick up the Blu-Ray copy for about the same price as a ticket and a popcorn at the theater. So, my normal mentality is to see it once, and then buy it for future viewings.

Mike: For me, it’s rare that I see a movie multiple times at the theater.  I’ve only seen two movies more than once on the big screen. The first was Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith and the second was  The Dark Knight.

There have been other movies that I would have gone to see again, but only if some friends or my wife wanted to see it.

I think the only real reason I see a movie in the theater twice is to get the full experience of the special effects. Transformers, X-Men, Avengers, Star Wars, even the non-CGI Batman movies are better enjoyed on a big screen. The screens don’t have to be IMAX big, but should be bigger than what most of us have in our homes.


Jonathan: Mike, did you see Revenge of the Sith twice because you couldn’t believe how shitty it was the first time?


Mike: No, I saw it multiple times because the special effects are awesome, the fight scene between Obi Wan & Darth was bad ass, and the time between Return of the Jedi and Phantom Menace was long enough for me to believe that Lucas would have died before any new Star Wars film would be released.


Jonathan: For me, special effects only go so far. After the first two craptacular Star Wars entries I wasn’t going to see Revenge of the Sith more than once.

moody shot of anakin skywalker from revenge of the sith
Moodiness doesn’t make for dramatic.


Mike: Look man, I know that the first two movies were shit. I only saw both of those once, even though I own Clone Wars on DVD. Compared to those two films, Episode 3 was like the freaking Godfather.

Jonathan: I got hit in the nuts once, don’t want it to happen again.

Mike: I would say Phantom Menace was the kick in the sack, Clone Wars was the sharp pain racing up your sides, and Revenge of the Sith was the pain receding. It’s sorta like when you have to pee for a long time (Episodes 1 & 2) and then finally get the release you were looking for (Episode 3).

Jonathan: There is one bodily function I would compare the first three (last three, whatever) Star Wars films to and it rhymes with hit.


Here’s my analogy about movies with pretty pictures and nothing else= I once dated a chick who I knew was not good for me, but the sex was awesome. I knew I shouldn’t have gone back, but I did.


Aside from the sex, she wasn’t all there. Sort of like your special effects movies- pretty to look at but nothing is going on.


Andy G: Revenge of the Sith was the only one of those three worthwhile. Outside of the rushed ending, it had a solid plot. However, the first one was clearly crap from the moment Jar Jar spoke the first time and the second one was nothing more than intergalactic C-Span. It is proof that George Lucas selling may be a good thing.


george lucas meme - I'm rich biatchJonathan: I guess “the best of the worst” defense is applicable when talking about Star Wars. I *really* liked the scene near the end when Darth rips off his shackles, arms out, and he screams. Very Frankenstein.  Lucas has directed 2 good films in his career- American Graffiti and Star Wars.


Andy: Lucas also did the story for Raiders of the Lost Ark and Temple of Doom. This will always add to the legacy for me.


However, I always felt he got lost when directing. I sometimes hate seeing someone direct scripts they write. Sometimes you need that voice in between to be the sound of reason. Lucas is a guy who I think would be best served with that going on.


Jonathan: Yes, he directed Star Wars and that really is enough. When people crack on Stallone I go to the “He wrote Rocky and the movie won Best Picture.” Everything else is secondary. Even though he was great in Cop Land.


Jonathan: I’ve seen a lot of movies in the theater more than once. Pirates of the Caribbean, The Dark Knight Returns, The Matrix, and Sin City are just some that I am willing to tell you. There is one movie I have seen in the theater 11 times. It was a second run movie theater. I’d get off work, grab a quart of beer, and watch the movie.

I don’t have a problem with seeing movies more than once. Yes, movie tickets are expensive. Now, for me to see a movie more than once it has to be special. As I mentioned in the last Round Table, I was going to see X-Men: Days of Future Past again in RPX. Now, I won’t see that movie again until it’s free somewhere. I’ll go see Chef or A Million Ways to Die in the West. I only wish I lived in a place where the theaters showed more independent and foreign films, but alas…


Mike: So do you watch the independent and foreign films multiple times at the theater or you just want the option of going to see one?  Also, I’m betting the movie you saw 11 times was Howard the Duck?  Come on, be honest, a man like yourself who adamantly defends a flaming dumpster fire like Prometheus is bound to have positive things to say about Howard the Duck.  I’m kidding of course, about the Howard the Duck part, not about Prometheus being a flaming pile of poo. But now you’ve hit my curiosity, what was the movie you saw 11 times at the theater?


Jonathan: No, it’s that I wish there was an option. I like foreign films and independent films. In Knoxville, at least we had Downtown West, here in Anchorage the theaters only get the big films or if any independent film breaks out Anchorage might get those.

No, the movie was not Howard the Duck. And, no, I will not tell you the movie.

Andy G: I see nothing wrong with Howard the Duck. 80’s Lea Thompson was worth watching a bad movie for.old screen shot from howard the duck


Mike:  Andy has a point. 80’s Lea Thompson was easy on the eyes.  Also, I bet it was Weird Al’s UHF. Hell, with an intro song like this, who could blame you? Suprise!


Jonathan: Maybe, but wasn’t she in better movies?


Andy: Without a doubt. However, she makes out with a duck and is still attractive. Totally worth it for me.


Jonathan: I’ve never actually seen UHF. Speaking of Prometheus, I think I may have seen it twice in the theater. Why? Because it’s a good movie. Good story, good acting, plus good special effects is a good movie. Without using the fan boy’s go to excuse of “it’s not it continuity” tell me why Prometheus is not a good movie.


prometheus poster Mike: The promos and hype touted it as “Ridley Scott returns to science fiction,” not Ridley Scott directs two hours of ass-numbing boredom. If this move was supposed to be the start of the human species, then the beginning sequence where the bald, grey-hued ‘roid monster deconstructs himself at the molecular level should have been the end of the movie, not the start. If the movie was the origin of man, then the source material is being pulled from reruns of Ancient Aliens.

But it’s not the story of man. It’s the story of  those face-hugging, chest ripping, dick-headed Aliens. They’re fucking aliens, man. They need a backstory like a diabetic needs sugar. And what was the Alien’s great back story? It’s a hybrid of some aborted squid monster who hooked up with whatever that black oil crap was, and fermented inside the one of the bald ‘roid freaks mentioned above.

Prometheus wasn’t wanted.

Prometheus wasn’t scary.

The character development was non existent. They were so flat, I was praying they would all die off or lightning would strike me, giving me sweet, sweet release from that abortion of a movie.

Prometheus was so slow, my ass went numb in the theater. Not only that, I’m sure it bent the space time continuum and turned 2 hours into 5 years.

To recap: I would rather listen to an audiobook of “Moby Dick” read by Jar Jar Binks for days on end than watch that movie one more time. The hate I have for that movie has already spilled over toward the sequel.

It’s the Alien origin story NO ONE ASKED FOR.

Andy: I want to take a guess at this 11 times in the theater movie. It would probably need to be in the last ten years, but as it was at an indie theater it could be a classic. However, the name is something that will cause embarrassment. I am going with Priscilla Queen of the Desert.

Priscilla from priscilla of the desert
Yeah, you’ve seen me.


Jonathan: I have never actually seen Priscilla Queen of the Desert.

Andy: Well then. My next guess would be a Mel Brooks film, but I feel there is no embarrassment there and would be admitted. Therefore, are you a Rocky Horror Picture Show guy?

Jonathan: “Your Highness, you look like the Piss Boy.”

“Yeah, and you look like a bucket of shit.”

I love Mel Brooks. He’s a comic genius. I liked the Rocky Horror Picture Show. But I only saw it once.

history of the world - it's good to be the king


Andy: It appears we will never know. I am much disappoint.

Andy G for short, is a digital media designer for a local college, previously for some radio stations. If you’re wondering what a digital media designer is, he helps make the internet look pretty. When not at work, he is either at the gym or involved in generally nerdy activities.