Nightwing Web Series Hits the Internet

The name Nightwing shouldn’t be unfamiliar if you  read Batman comics or read a Batman comic in the past decade or so. Just in case, Nightwing is Dick Grayson. Grayson use to be Batman’s boy wonder Robin until he went out on his own and became Nightwing.

Nightwing is just as popular as the other characters DC have developed for the small screen (Green Arrow, Super Man, John Constantine, a pre-Batman Gotham, and the Flash)so, why not Nightwing? Creators Danny Shepard and Jeremey Le  didn’t wait around to find out the answer.

Shepard and Le developed and created Nightwing: The Series. Before you watch the first episode, remember, it was funded through a Kickstarter program and not by a Hollywood production team. All that is beside the point. It’s pretty epic what these guys did with a limited budget and no big studio backers.

You can watch the first episode here.

Now, let’s hope DC Comics or Warner Brothers don’t put the cease-and-desist kibosh on it before episode 2 drops on October 6.

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