Modern Warfare Is Here!


Finally, after months of playing craptastic games (Ghostbusters, X-Men Origins: Wolverine Batman: Arkham Asylum ) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is here!

Yes, I was one of the many people that went out for the midnight release of the game. Unlike the folks who stood in line outside the local Gamestop for hours (I would guess that were at least 100 people in line), I popped into the Wal-Mart next door to purchase my copy. Ten minutes later and I was out the door. Meanwhile, the line outside Gamestop had grown by a few dozen more people. Suckers!

I’ve only played the game for an hour and a half and I have to say it was worth the midnight run. I have already climbed a mountain, massacred an airport full of people, and snapped a dog’s neck. Activision wasn’t kidding around with the disclaimer warning some of the missions would be disturbing. They even give you the choice to skip the disturbing levels. That’s a nice feature for parents who want to get the game for their kids, but don’t want them to see the blood and violence. Of course, that won’t stop them from playing all the levels when the parents are out of the house.

So far the game is typical Call of Duty. That isn’t a bad thing. There wasn’t any need to make too many changes to the game. The first Modern Warfare is easily one of the best first-person shooters. All Infinity Ward had to do was come up with a new story line and add some extras into the game. The graphics are better, if that’s even possible, than the first Modern Warfare.

Infinity Ward kicked the difficulty up. The favela board, which occurs early in the game, is RIDICULOUSLY hard. Ridiculously hard levels that seemed to have no rhyme or reason was one the few complaints that I had about the first Modern Warfare. I like challenging levels; they make things more interesting. It would be nice if, in the future, Infinity Ward would leave the ridiculously hard levels for the hardest setting and the ridiculously easy levels for the easiest settings. What we get is a mix of the two. As a gamer, it’s frustrating to fly through one level only to have the next level take three times as long to complete. I hope Infinity Ward takes this into consideration when they start to develop Modern Warfare 3.

The only new weapon that I have run across is a rifle with a heat-seeking detector on the side that you use in the middle of a snowstorm. It’s kind of neat, but pointless by the end of the level because there is no way to avoid detection. For the brief time that you do get to use the rifle in the way that it was intended makes up for all the running around you do.

Movie fans will recognize Kevin McKidd ( Grey’s Anatomy, Journeyman, Trainspotting) as the voice of Captain McTavish. Keith David (Platoon, Dead Presidents, The Chronicles of Riddick) provides the voice for the commander of the Army Rangers. I thought that was kind of ironic because David does all the Navy recruiting commercials. I could be wrong, but it sounds like Lance Henriksen does the voice of General Shepard. Either way, the acting is some of the best I have heard in a video game for quite some time.

So far, I am having fun revisiting the series. I’ll dig more into the game in a future article. Go on and play the game!

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