Mobile App Secret Reviewed

Secret is an app with the feel of being the bastard love-child between Twitter and Post Secret.

You have the anonymity and creativity of PostSecret (minus the need of a stamp) mixed  with a constantly updated feed, for an interesting, and anonymous, experience.  That’s the selling point for this free app. Being able to get your skeletons somewhat out of the closet without facing ridicule or questions from your friends and family.

The set up is simple. Download the app. Sign in, and verify your email address and phone number (sorry tablet users, this app is mobile only), and you’re off telling or reading as many secrets as you please. No Facebook, Twitter, or other social media info required. Some may not want to blast their secrets on the internet, and that’s understandable.

Secret has an FAQ and an in-depth post on how their security works. I highly recommend you read it.  Plus, there’s nothing you could post that the NSA doesn’t already know.

The posts are simple, as they only contain text and either a background image or a solid color. The content is only limited by what users decide to post, so that could range from the innocent self-doubt to confessions of infidelity and (almost) anything in between. People can share your secret, but it won’t contain any of your information.

Notice that the only identifier in that social share is my Twitter handle (feel free to follow). There’s no info of the person who originally sent that. That being said, as with any other app or online site, there’s bound to be a security issue or coding exploit that would allow someone to decipher where said secret came from. Nothing you say, write, or do on the internet is 100% secure, so keep that in mind when you go posting lollygagging about the interwebs.

Secret is still trying to find it’s audience, so your feed may be a bit sparse on “friends. If you have under three friends on this app, then you won’t see any of their posts. This, according to their website, is designed to keep people from being pinpointed by their friends from Facebook or Twitter (here’s a secret, scan G+ too. That’s a great place to hide some bodies).

I’m not going to lie. I like this app. The design is simple, clean, and to the point. I like the safe guard mentioned above to keep your secrets from being connected to you. There’s also something satisfying about putting something so personal out into the world for people to see. If you liked the PostSecret website or if you’re nosey and want to know other people’s business, then this is for you. However, if you believe that loose lips sink ships, then avoid this app.

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