Minority Report Review

So, I went into this show with a lot of skepticism. And I mean a lot of skepticism. It had so many things going against it. It had a cast and characters I knew really nothing about. It was based off a movie that was just bad. It was a futuristic crime drama because regular crime dramas are now so old hat. And finally, and this may be most important, it was on Fox. I am still angry about Almost Human. With all of this working against it, this turned into a solid debut for this new series.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not going to say this is going to be the next great series or anything, but since we sit in a time period where sci-fi is dictated by a flavor of the week monster taking on either the weather or some other flavor of the week monster, I give most new science fiction shows at least the opportunity to disappoint me.

This one has an inventive plot – what happens after the Precogs are released back into society. This episode sets up the relationship between Dash and Lara Vega for the main driving forces of the show. Together they stop their first crime which happens to be bio engineered pigeons attacking the mayor, so I mean it does have its flaws.

It has an unproven cast, but that is normally hard to avoid in the time of bad science fiction. One thing that did bother me is it immediately jumped into the Fox cliche of setting up an overarching conspiracy to it by the end of the episode. Please just give us the basis of the show without killing us with a major conspiracy.

All in all, I thought it was a solid enough debut that I will tune in at least next week to see where they are headed.

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Andy G for short, is a digital media designer for a local college, previously for some radio stations. If you’re wondering what a digital media designer is, he helps make the internet look pretty. When not at work, he is either at the gym or involved in generally nerdy activities.