Marvel Entertainment sells for $4 billion

wolverine in disney princess dress

Disney buys everything Marvel, adding to their already impressive portfolio of entertainment.


Wolverine, X-Men, Spider-Man, Iron Man and all other 5,000 characters in the Marvel Universe now belong to Disney. The price for decades worth of comic characters? A measly $4 billion dollars.

Articles at and G4 say in addition to owning all the characters, Disney will oversee all Marvel properties.

This merger isn’t done deal though. It still has to be approved by two very important groups. The shareholders and the government.

However, I would imagine their approval is a formality. Who doesn’t want to sell something you own for a profit, or more accurately $30 per share plus three-fourths of a Disney share?

The government has more important things to discuss (ahem: health care, two foreign wars) than debating on whether a company based on a cartoon mouse can purchase a comic book company.

So what will this mean for the average gamer, comic fan or movie goer? If Disney’s purchase of ABC was any indication of change, then I would imagine that Marvel fans wouldn’t have too much to worry about. Although I believe Disney may want Ghost Rider to wear the Mickey Mouse ears, though.

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