iZombie Preview

The CW is on a lot in my house.

My wife loves that channel. The CW has dramatized lady-shows down to an art.

Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries, and The Heart of Dixie. All are ridiculous and all managed to absorb my wife’s attention.

That (un)holy trinity of drama has kept me away from that channel at all costs.

Then I watched the trailer for iZombie.

I must say, I may give the CW a shot based on this show alone.

The premise is just weird enough to get me to tune in to the first episode on March 17th.

Weird and simple. A lady-zombie mortician keeps her memories and gains new ones from the brains she eats. And the lady zombie, aka “Liz,” helps local police solve murders.

It’s a mash up of House, Constantine, and…well, a zombie. Okay. I’m in.

iZombie’s also based on a Vertigo comic from the same name. Vertigo properties were never on my “must get” list when I collected comics so long ago. This story will be exposure to a brand new comic. While I’m not 100% against comic adaptations, I’m becoming weary of them.

But iZombie looks like it could be charming. The main character comes across as quirky and somewhat awkward in her own skin. I don’t know why, but I’ve found those two character quirks endearing. I know. I’m a weird ass.

My only concern is iZombie being overly dramatized like every other show on the network.

Regardless of what I think, are you checking this out? Skipping it? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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