Gravity Review

Gravity, starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, is a movie I avoided for a long time.

Here’s why: I was in the Navy when Open Water came out. Being left behind in the middle of the vast ocean was a very real thing for me. The idea made Open Water terrifying.

Given the right situation, I could have fallen overboard and not been found. Floating in the middle of a vast ocean, praying for rescue, trying to avoid being shark food.

Fast forward a few years when the previews for Gravity released. The previews framed the movie to be Bullock to be floating through space until the end of time.

I thought Gravity was Open Water set in space.

For the first thirty minutes, I thought I was right. I strapped in for the hour and a half ride, following Bullock’s character, Ryan Stone, through space until she was sucked into a black hole or her oxygen tank ran out.

That’s what I was expecting. What I got was solid thriller following the main characters in a fight for survival. The fight wasn’t against other astronauts, but floating space debris that destroys anything in its path.

There’s not a lot of bad things to say about this movie. The special effects are fantastic. The acting is solid as it could be. There’s not a considerable amount of dialog among the characters. Most of the story is told through the special effects and various monologues from either Bullock or Clooney.

Should you watch Gravity? If you haven’t already or if you’re looking at filling the time left by college or pro football, then yes. Watch it. Enjoy the ride. I did. I also feel silly for avoiding this movie for two years.

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