Game of Thrones Sleeps During Oathbreaker

Snow walking at Castle Black

A look inside Oathbreaker, the latest not-so-greatest Game of Thrones episode.

“Oathbreaker” pales in comparison after last week’s episode of patricide, fratricide, and the dead coming back to life. No, it was quite boring. Not to sound negative, the episode did promise some interesting things may happen in the future. Game of Thrones is always promising things that may happen, at some time, in the future. We’re all still waiting for a winter that has been promised for the last six seasons.

Last week, Jon Snow coming back from the dead was all over the internet. This week the internet will be all a buzz about his first steps as a new man. Sadly, there weren’t too many steps, but the ones he took were powerful moves.

Snow hanged Alliser Thorne and the others who killed him last season. A lot of folks are going to say it was because the resurrection somehow changed Snow. True,  seasons ago Melisandre was told every time someone came back from the dead it changed them, a bit of them was destroyed. This isn’t the case. Snow executed Thorne and his homies because they committed treason against the Lord Commander and the Watch. It was a punishment any Lord Commander would have administered.

Thorne executed
They’re just hanging around until next episode.

Has Snow changed? Based on this episode it’s too early tell if he has or has not changed. I’m sure someone somewhere will bring up something in one of the books that says he has, but there is no evidence in the episode to support the argument.  “My watch has ended,” Snow said at the episode. Maybe, wherever Snow goes, we’ll see a change.

Arya begging in streets
You call them Faceless Men, but they’re Shaolin warriors at heart.

The rest of “Oathbreaker” was pretty vanilla. Vanilla gets a bad rap. It’s not bad, but it doesn’t really excite anyone. Tyrion may or may not move the Unsullied against the cities supporting the Sons of the Harpy. High Sparrow, like so many people in power, keeps twisting religion to keep his power. Tommen may or may not be buying into it, but if Game of Throne’s history has taught us anything it’s that nothing is going to happen the way you want it to happen.

The only stand out, the black specs in some high end vanilla ice cream, was Arya’s journey to become a true member of the Faceless Men. No surprises here- Arya gets her sight back and becomes a badass Shaolin warrior along the way.

Overall, a rather boring episode of Game of Thrones. But what do you expect when each storyline gets three minutes per episode.

Khaleesi at the window camp
So boring I forget Khalessi was even in the episode.